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7 Best Floor Standing Speakers Under 500

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Everyone has a dream to make their home audio system like movie theaters and it’s only possible by installing the best floor standing speakers. While buying a floor-standing speaker, the majority of people just consider output potentiality, but many other factors should be put while buying these well-liked speakers.

Nowadays floor standing speakers are used more than entertainment, with the use of technology the audio output capability has improved, with the use of different materials and theme electronics floor standing speakers are now being used to improve the aesthetics of one’s house.

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A quality floor standing speaker can instantaneously supercharge your audio system. There are misconceptions about floor standing speakers, many of us think it’s much expensive, yes it was but now by using various technologies manufacturers have to push down their envelopes and offer you the best floor standing speakers under 500.

In this buyer’s guide, we have shortlisted some of the best floor standing speakers with outstanding audio quality which will never let you down.

polk audio t50 best floorstanding speakers under 500

Polk Audio T50

( Best Affordable )

klipsch rp 280f floor standing speakers

Klipsch RP-280F

( Best Bass Effect )

polk audio monitor 70 series best floor standing speakers under 500

Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II

( Best Overall )

pioneer sp fs52 floor standing speakers 1

Pioneer SP-FS52

sony sscs3

Sony SSCS3

polk audio monitor 60 series best floor standing speakers

Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II

bic america venturi dv64 floorstanding speakers

BIC America DV64

List Of Best Floor Standing Speakers

1. Polk Audio T50

Polk Audio T50 150 Watt Home Theater Floor Standing Tower Speaker offers great audio at an affordable price. The speaker is pretty simple to set up, supports Dolby and DTS, and connects to almost every home theater receivers, home theater processors, or stereos.

The audio effect of the speaker will make your home a movie theater. This speaker will amplify your movie, gaming and music experience. It has one 1” silk dome tweeter, one 6.25” extended throw composite driver and two performance-tuned front-firing sub-bass radiators.

The speaker produces high-frequency bass even at a low audio voice. Polk Audio T50 has certain following features –


  • The speaker has 2 bass radiators that generate a well-toned, natural warm sound that reaches every corner of the room.
  • It heightens your audio experience with its brilliant sound and impressive bass quality.
  • It is featured with one 1” tweeter, one 6.25” composite driver and two performance-tuned sub-bass radiators.
Polk audio T50 floor standing speakers
  • It has easy installation.
  • Dynamic balance technology.
  • Impressive audio quality.
  • Comes only in black, wood-grain vinyl finish.

2. Pioneer SP-FS52

Pioneer SP-FS52 Home Audio that delivers professional and exceptional audio quality that makes stunning music and home theater experience.

The manufacturer increased the speaker’s height by 3 inches earlier which resulted in improvement of sound quality due to speakers being closer to ear-level.

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The capacitors and inductors fitted inside a speaker accomplish the job of breaking the audio signal into low, high, and sometimes mid-range frequencies. These speakers also offer incredible audio quality from video games, CDs, videos, and any other audio source. It has the following features –


  • The speaker has a fully integrated concentric Dolby Top Firing Driver, 1” soft dome tweeter, 4” textured surface woofer and 80W power handling.
  • The frequency range of the speaker is 30Hz – 150Hz.
  • The speaker has 8 Element Complex Crossover.
pioneer sp-fs52 floor standing speakers
  • It has smooth crossover.
  • Sound and bass quality is awesome.
  • Value for money product.
  • The cabinets provided isn’t looks attractive.

3. Klipsch RP-280F

Klipsch RP-280F floorstanding speaker produces the cleanest and most natural audio effect. The speaker will fill your room with audiophile sound which is achieved with the best audio technology.

These speakers are perfectly matched to the cabinet and woofers. The brushed black texture looks appealing, the speaker looks as good as it sounds. RP-280F speaker has a versatile 1-inch Tractrix tweeter which is made up of ultralight aluminum. The speaker has features like –


  • It has dual 8” cerametallic woofers.
  • The dimensions of the speaker are – height is 43.1”, width is 10.6” and 18.4” depth.
  • The frequency response of the speaker is 32Hz – 25KHz and has 98 dB sensitivity.
klipsch rp-280f best floor standing speakers
  • It has a nice slim design.
  • Punchy bass with rich audio.
  • This speaker can fit in any corner of the room.
  • The audio output is less precise as sensitivity is 98 dB which is very high.

4. Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II

In the list of best floor standing speakers under 500, if you are looking for a loudspeaker that offers like movie theater surround sound, rich voice with perfect voice bass for your favorite tracks then this Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series speaker will not let you down.

The speaker offers a deep, extended bass response with low distortion. It works with the most modestly-powered amplifiers or receivers. As Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series are magnetically shielded, there is no loss of sound quality caused by interference.

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The manufacturer claims this speaker’s as the best floor standing speakers under 500. There are certain features –


  • The speaker delivers powerful deep bass, better mid-range, and superior audio effect.
  • The speakers can be placed near the TV without worrying about the distortions as they are magnetically shielded.
  • These speakers are equipped with a 1” Dynamic Balance dome tweeter and four 6.5” Dynamic Balance woofers.
polk audio monitor 70 series as best floor standing speakers under 500
  • It has a stylish and space-saving design.
  • Superior audio quality.
  • The price is affordable.
  • Low bass power.

5. Sony SSCS3 3-Way

Sony SSCS3 3-Way Floor-Standing speaker is equipped with two 5” woofers, a 1” tweeter and a 0.75” super tweeter. The cabinet of this speaker is made up of wood, which is designed to provide natural vibrations.

This speaker system integrates a newly developed woofer deep and stable bass. The slightly tapered faceplate edges are provided for a clear and natural soundstage. Read more about the product here.

The frequency response of a speaker is 45Hz – 50 KHz. This speaker eliminates unnecessary noise from the baffle board and cabinet which is very essential for crystal clear audio and high performance of a speaker. There are the following features –


  • The speaker has an impedance of 6 Ohm.
  • The maximum input power required for the speaker is 145W.
  • The dimensions of a speaker is – 9.05-inch width, 36.30-inch height and 10.24-inch depth.
Sony SSCS-3 are best floorstanding speakers under 500
  • The speaker is compact and portable.
  • It has loud and clear audio.
  • Available at affordable prices.
  • Bass effect is not sufficient for a large room.

6. Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II

Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series exhibit a slim, stylish and muscular design for a minimal footprint in your home theater setup. The speaker allows bi-wiring and also bi-amping. It is featured with 1” dome tweeter and three 5.25” drivers.

The speaker is designed with Dynamic Balance Technology ensuring you get great audio through quality driver materials, speaker geometry, and overall construction. The tuned port opening is provided at the bottom of a speaker for increased and extended bass response.

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Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series delivers powerful deep bass, better mid-range, and superior audio to make the party and movie nights unique. The speaker has the following features –


  • It has a dynamic balance woofer which guarantees high quality and rich vocal.
  • It let you enjoy the clear and crisp sound with wider dispersion for 3-dimensional audio.
  • The speaker delivers a detailed high-frequency response to make the bass effect more lively.
Polk audio monitor 60 series speakers
  • It has a deeper bass effect.
  • The speaker offers a crystal clear voice at right high-definition noises.
  • It is quite cheap.
  • The speaker does not always offer ultra-intense bass.

7. BIC America Venturi DV64

As claimed by the manufacturers BIC America Venturi DV64 2-Way Tower Speaker is designed for high performance. The speaker has dual passive radiators to ensure impressive mid-tones and extra bass extension.

The speaker looks very elegant and is topped off by the black laminate finish. They are magnetically shielded to prevent any damage to TV or PC and video interference when located near a TV or monitor.

The frequency response of a speaker is 29 Hz to 21 kHz and a sensitivity of 90 dB at 1W/1m. The 0.75-inch soft dome tweeter generates the high frequencies audio. There are some of the features like –


  • The speaker has a rich, black wood grain cabinet and dual 6.5-inch poly/graphite woofers for extra bass extension.
  • The dimensions of the speaker are – 38” height, 8.5” width and 9.25” depth.
  • The maximum recommended amplifier for the speaker is power 200 watts and a minimum of 10 watts.
BIC Venturi DV64 floorstanding speakers
  • Speaker has a punchy bass.
  • It has great resonance.
  • Speaker looks awesome.
  • Grills could be designed better.

Points to Remember When Selecting Floorstanding Speakers

Check On The Drivers

This term refers to the quality of the woofer, subwoofer and tweeter. Not all speakers contain all three, some of them just have woofer and tweeter. These drivers play an important role in deciding the audio quality and vibrations given by the speaker.

The types of drivers used vary in different floor standing speakers. The drivers are categorized into four terms on the basis of their frequency ranges. There are tweeter drivers that are small and releases high-frequency sounds ranging from 2KHz to 30KHz.

Then comes mid-range drivers with audio frequencies between 500Hz to 2KHz. There are subwoofer drivers that release frequencies from 20Hz to 200Hz. Lastly, there is a woofer driver that magnifies low-frequency audio between 40Hz – 1KHz.

Speaker Audio Quality

Let’s face it, when it comes to selecting a floor standing speakers none of us want a speaker with a dumb voice. But selecting or preferring a sound quality is a personal judgment, each one of us has different tastes, so selecting the best floor standing speakers under 500 differs from person to person.

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But above mentioned all the products are selected by considering all the prime factors. The large size of the floor-standing speaker and their amplified drivers makes them robust and produces rich sound. These kinds of speakers are known for their neutrality and clarity.

The good floor standing speakers should sound natural to your ears, have a balanced tone quality with proper audio frequency and bass quality.

Size And Appearance

The size of the floor-standing depends on your room where you want to place it. It should perfectly fit and should sound good to make your mood cheerful.

Despite plenty of women says sizes don’t matter but we guarantee to when it comes to floor-standing speakers, it does matter. The bigger the speaker is, the louder the sound it will produce.

The size, the audio quality of the speaker, appearance does play an important role while selecting a floor-standing speaker. It should perfectly match the texture of your room to make it more attractive.

Final Words

Listening to music or watching your favorite movie can never be overrated, so amplify your home sound system by selecting the best floor standing speakers for you.

Without denting a bank we presented all the best floor standing speakers under 500. All the above products are well-tested and have the best audio quality.

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

Are floor standing speakers better than bookshelf?

Bookshelf speakers sound great in the smaller rooms. They are always preferred if the space allocated for the speaker is less. On the other hand, floor standing speakers are designed to shake your room, they produce more rich and impactful sound.

The bass response of the floor standing speakers is extensive. The drivers in these speakers are capable to produce low, mid, and high frequencies audio.

How do I choose a floor standing speaker?

  1. Check on the drivers – This term refers to the quality of the woofer, subwoofer, and tweeter. Not all speakers contain all three, some of them just have a woofer and tweeter. They play a vital role in deciding audio quality and vibrations given by the speakers.

2. Speaker audio quality – The speakers you choose should have superior audio quality with effective bass response.

3. Size and appearance – The speaker should perfectly fit in the room cherishing your mood with its sound and looks.