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These Are Best In Wall Speakers in 2021

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Are you looking to install new in-wall speakers in your home, office, restaurant or another place of business? Then you have arrived at the right place. In this article, we will disclose the best in wall speakers in 2021 breaking each product down to help you decide which is the right option and proper product for you. We have included options based on size, budget, indoor/outdoor, and application. All of these products are easy to install, perfect if you’re looking for in-wall speakers for a DIY audio project.

If you are an audio enthusiast you would want to improve your surround sound experience as much as you can. And, to get the best immersive audio experience, adding a set of ceiling speakers or in-ceiling speakers can be a great idea. In recent days, the trend of using ceiling speakers and in-wall speakers has grown rapidly. Listed below are some best products you should definitely give a look at.

polk audio rc85i best in wall speakers

Polk Audio RC85i

( Best Overall )

monoprice caliber in wall speakers

Monoprice Caliber

( Best Value For Money )

polk audio 265rt best in wall speakers

Polk Audio 265RT

( Best Sound )

acoustic audio r191 in wall speaker

Acoustic Audio R191

micca m 8s in wall speaker

Micca M-8S

yamaha nsic800wh best in wall speakers

Yamaha NSIC800WH

pyle home pic8e best in ceiling speakers audiophile

Pyle Home PIC8E

Top 7 In Wall Speakers We Recommend

Polk Audio RC85i

These Polk Audio RC85i In-Wall Speakers are consistently among the top-rated in-wall speakers whether used by themselves or as part of a larger surround sound audio system. To that end, they’re timbre-matched with other Polk Audio speakers to ensure seamless blending. The RC85i utilizes Polk’s infinite baffle tuning to enhance bass frequency using the room itself as a virtual enclosure which also makes them suitable for mounting on the wall. They’re very low profile and feature a paintable grille and clear paintable surrounds.

The Polk Audio RC85i sound system is also moisture resistant enough to use in high-humidity or steamy indoor spaces like kitchens, bathrooms and even covered pool and patio areas, without sacrificing durability. They’re also easy to install, thanks to Polk’s streamlined mounting system; they’re held by rotating cams rather than rigid supports, reducing extraneous vibrations. This speaker has the following features like –

  • They are featured with an 8-inch dynamic balance woofer and a 1-inch tweeter.
  • The rubber seal provided prevents the speaker from moisture and can be used in a bathroom.
  • A mineral-filled polymer cone and composite driver creates a wider dispersion.
Polk audio rc85i are best in wall speakers
  • They can be easily installed.
  • They are affordable.
  • These speakers are moisture resistant.
  • Mounting clips should be done carefully.

Monoprice Caliber

This Monoprice Caliber offers the perfect combination of performance and style. The use of aramid fiber for the woofer means that the speaker can hit harder, go lower, and handle more power with significantly less distortion than conventional drivers. The titanium silk dome tweeter produces clean, crisp, and clear highs and mids. You can fine-tune the blend of sound using the built-in high frequency attenuator in case your room is too bright. The metal grille can be painted to match your ceiling. Easy to install with simple hand tools, less time working and more time relaxing. There are the following features like –

  • Its frequency response is 50Hz – 20KHz and impedance are 8 ohms.
  • The power handling capacity of the speaker is 100 Watts.
  • These speakers are featured with titanium silk dome tweeters which results in pure and natural audio effects.
Monoprice caliber in wall speakers
  • It comes with prominent audio quality.
  • It looks very attractive.
  • Excellent value for money product.
  • Bass quality is not that effective.

Polk Audio 265RT

The list of best in wall speakers might feel incomplete if we don’t add this brand to it. Polk Audio is the industry leader when it comes to budget home audio equipment. They offer a massive range of audio products including in-ceiling and in-wall speakers. The Polk Audio 265RT is a high-quality in-wall speaker at an affordable price. This speaker delivers excellent sound quality which is not far off the likes of JBL, Bose and other high-end premium brands.

The power handling of the 265RT is 10-200W which means this speaker can be really powerful if paired with the correct amplifier or receiver. The low-frequency drivers are mounted using rubber surrounds to ensure minimal vibration through the wall when operated at high volumes. There are the following features like –

  • They are featured with Dynamic Balance technology which results in clear audio and deeper bass effect.
  • The mounting depth of the speaker is 3.75-inch and the amplification recommended is 10W – 200W.
  • The speaker grills are paintable so that it can match your decor perfectly.
Polk audio 265RT are best in wall speakers
  • They are vibration-free.
  • Its installation is easy.
  • It has fantastic audio quality.
  • These speaker doesn’t have any rear closure.

Acoustic Audio R191

Acoustic Audio R191 Specialty Series Speakers are the perfect investment because they can be used in a variety of applications, from surround sound home theaters to marine boat audio systems. These incredibly versatile speakers are perfect for any of your audio needs. Try incorporating them into a sound system in your sunroom, patio or basement to create an entertainment space worthy of get-togethers and celebrations. Or you can install them into walls or ceilings throughout your home or office to use as multi-room audio applications.

They also make great additions to home theater systems and bring a cinema-like surround sound quality to your movie-viewing experience. They are weather-resistant, so they would be ideal for outdoor applications as well. Each 2-way, the round speaker can handle 200-Watt of power and features a 5.25 in. woofer with polypropylene cone and 12 mm soft dome tweeter. Paintable, white grills can be hidden in walls or ceilings because they will mount flush for nearly invisible installation. There are some of the following features like –

  • The frequency response of the speaker is 45Hz – 22KHz with 95dB at 8 ohms.
  • 5.25-inch woofers with high rigidity polypropylene cones and extended throw assembly, butyl rubber surrounds for increased performance and durability, 12 mm soft dome tweeters.
  • These are CL3 rated in-wall speakers to connect your receiver to the speakers.
White colored Audio acoustics R191 speakers
  • These are dust and moisture resistant.
  • Audio dispersion is good.
  • Its price is low.
  • Falling out of grills after a certain period.

Micca M-8S

Micca design and manufacture a range of affordable consumer audio products. Most popular is their range of bookshelf and in-wall/in-ceiling speakers. The M-8S is one of five in-wall/in-ceiling speakers available from Micca. The entire range is well priced making a full surround sound installation affordable for those on a budget.

The Micca M-8S features an 8-inch low-frequency driver with a single 1-inch tweeter with a power handling of 100W. The 8-inch low-frequency driver is mounted in rubber surrounds and produces a decent amount of bass which means you can get away with not purchasing an external subwoofer for home theater installs. The tweeter is mounted on a pivoting mechanism which allows you to aim the high frequencies to your desired listening position. You can read more about this product here. These are the following features of Micca M-8S –

  • These speakers are easy to install and grills can be painted which can suit your decor.
  • A 12dB crossover network is given to achieve perfect integration between the tweeter and woofer.
  • This speaker produces sweet and natural audio with perfect bass effect.
Micca M-8S wall speakers
  • The audio quality of the speaker is good.
  • Bass response is pretty cool.
  • Value for money product.
  • Grills are pressure fitted.

Yamaha NSIC800WH

These Yamaha speakers, sold as a pair, are distinctly high quality and feature a clever full coverage magnetic grill that lets them virtually disappear into the surrounding ceiling, unlike other in-wall speakers which typically have a smooth plastic surround outside the grill. The actual speaker elements are high quality as well, with fluid cooling and a swivel tweeter. The specs are actually a little more impressive than those of the Micca.

However, these Yamaha speakers are more expensive as well but well money didn’t act as a barrier for them to be in the list of best in wall speakers.. Handling up to 140 W each, they have a frequency response range of 50Hz all the way to 28 kHz, broader than the Micca or the Silver Ticket and comparable to the more expensive Polk Audio in-wall speakers. The magnetic grills on these speakers make installation easier as well. There are certain features that made us consider this product in the list like

  • The maximum frequency response of these speakers is 28KHz and depth having 4.3.
  • The sealed provided on the speaker’s back protects against dust and moisture.
  • The grills provided are paintable and have a large mounting clamp.
Yamaha NSIC800WH white in wall speakers
  • The grills are paintable so it can match your home decor.
  • It provides natural audio.
  • It has an effective bass response.
  • Doesn’t fit in every space.

Pyle Home PIC8E

Being able to adjust the treble tone is one of the features that make this set of speakers so attractive. Another feature that adds to that attractive nature is their 8-inch mid-bass and 1-inch tweeter. You should achieve great sound levels with these speakers. Each speaker measures approx. 10 ½-inch size and their depth go. To keep the speakers discreet, the grills are white and mount flush to your ceiling. Hence, they also fall under the category of ceiling speakers that can add to your home theater experience. There are various features of PIC8E like –

  • These speakers have nature-friendly ABS construction.
  • It has adjustable treble control which helps to deliver rich audio.
  • The frequency response of the speaker is 35Hz – 20KHz.
pyle home pic8e
  • These are budget-friendly speakers.
  • It has an impressive weatherproof design.
  • Good bass response.
  • These speakers are not suitable for AV receivers.

Final Words

We hope now you got a brief idea about the in-wall speakers.  Above mentioned are all the best in wall speakers that will boost your audio experience. Select the one that fits in your budget and of course the place you opt for.

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

How can I make my wall speakers sound better?

You might hear people say that in-wall speaker or in-ceiling speakers aren’t that good but it all depends on how to install it and the way you expect it to perform. If the space is congested, audio quality starts to rumble. Therefore, install speakers in a free or open position where it is more capable of producing surround sound. Our second tip will be – Avoid using large woofers in hunt of good bass. Because large woofers will overpower the wall and create vibrations which will be annoying. Instead, use small woofers with 1 tweeter.

Are in wall or in ceiling speakers better?

As we answered in the previous question, both in-wall and in-ceiling speakers are equally good. But the definition of better depends on your purpose. Study shows in-wall speakers are more suitable if you are a bass lover and have a large spaced living room whereas ceiling speakers are preferred for soothing music. Along with this, other factors like installation space, the size of speakers and other technical specifications play a major role as well. Take a look at the best in-ceiling speakers that you can consider buying today for your sweet home.

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