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Best Kenwood Double Din Stereo In 2022

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With rising competition between the tech companies, be it any product, there’s a lot of variety in the market. And choosing one among thousands of products is chaotic and we all have been there, done that.

The car audio sector is an evergreen industry. That being said, picking the right stereo system for your ride isn’t that easy. And hence our today’s article is all about that, but a brand-specific.

If you are looking for the best Kenwood double din stereo system, this post is going to help you know everything about the brand ‘Kenwood’, its top products, quality, fit, etc.

Before jumping straight to the topic, there are few things you need to know first. For instance, most people are confused with the difference between the single din and double din stereo system. Check out our post to clear your doubts regarding that.

Okay, so let’s dive right in.

Top 10 Best Kenwood Double Din Head Units

Kenwood manufactured quite a good number of car audio products which include single din and double din stereo systems.

Since we are talking specifically about Kenwood, choosing the top 10 double din stereos was not easy as there are only a few good rated products. We did a bit of research and picked out the best ones for your car.

kenwood DMX706S double din stereo


( Best Overall )

kenwood DMX4707S best kenwood double din stereo


( Best Sound )

kenwood DPX304MBT double din stereo


( Best In-Budget )

kenwood DDX375BT kenwood double din stereo


kenwood DDX9703S best kenwood double din


kenwood DDX374BT best kenwood double din


kenwood DPX504BT best kenwood double din


kenwood DDX396 double din stereo system


kenwood DPX530BT double din stereo


kenwood DNX576S double din


1. Kenwood DMX706S (Best Overall)

Kenwood is a US-based brand founded in 1961. They first launched their home audio product officially in 1981. And with time, they stepped into car audio production.

Today, JVCKenwood is one of the largest manufacturers of car stereo systems, car amplifiers, cameras, marine audio products, and basically the whole car niche.

Speaking of the first product on this list, DMX706S according to our opinion is the best Kenwood double din stereo out there. Why do you ask?

Because the most important thing we look for in any stereo system is compatibility. And DMX706S comes with a wide range of compatibility. From Apply CarPlay, Android Auto, Pandora, Spotify, to SiriusXM radio, this stereo works with everything.

Its Clear Resistive Touch Panel makes the touch actions extremely accurate and smooth. 6.95” Wide Video Graphics Array (WVGA) screen monitor with high-quality audio parts deliver smooth touch and excellent sound output.

Short chassis size makes the installation easy and fits in probably any car model that has space for a double din stereo system.

What we didn’t like about this product is that a DVD player and a front USB output port are unavailable here. So if you want to connect your phone to the dash, you will need to use the rear USB port.


  • Screen dimensions are 6.16(W) x 3.21(H) inches.
  • Installation dimensions are 7.16(W) x 4.40(H) x 2.95(D) inches.
  • Item weight is 4.08 pounds.
  • Bluetooth version 4.1 is supported.
  • Audio frequency response is 20 Hz – 80 kHz.
  • 13-Band Graphics Equalizer is provided.
  • 3 Pre-outs (output for connecting external amplifier) of 4V are provided.


  • DMX706S is compatible with almost all popular music streaming sources. Also, you can connect your smartphone using USB-input. A remote app is also provided to control your music wirelessly via Bluetooth.
  • It supports audio formats like FLAC, WAV, MP3, WMA, and AAC.
  • Two camera inputs are also available for the front and rear end. But you will need a camera for this function to work. Buy car cameras here.
  • 6.95” WVGA monitor and top-notch music quality take your ride experience to a whole new level.
  • Dual Phone Connection (With a one-touch button, switch from one phone to the other when Bluetooth is connected) and Wireless Music Browsing (Search and play songs from your phone to dash screen via BT) are some other features offered in DMX706s.
Kenwood DMX706S is best kenwood double din stereo
  • Wide compatibility.
  • Exceptional sound quality.
  • The touch screen works like charm.
  • Best value for money car stereo system.
  • No DVD player and USB ports are not in front.

2. Kenwood DMX4707S (Best Sound)

Moving on to the second product, DMX4707S comes with the best audio experience you will ever have. Be it a 10 minutes ride to the mall, or a 10 hours journey from one state to the other, without music, things feel just so incomplete.

Well, Kenwood manufactured the solution for you. Since this post is specifically about one brand, you will find most of the features similar among all the stereo systems.

DMX4707S is a newly launched piece. One characteristic that stands this stereo system out from other alike products is that it comes with USB mirroring for Android. This means that once you plug the USB cable, whatever you do on your Android will be displayed and controllable on the din unit touch screen.

Unfortunately, no DVD player and front USB slot are not available here.

If your car has a rear camera, you can even see the rear point of view with parking guidelines which ensures safety while parking in congested spaces. Also, receiving calls directly on the touch panel makes life easier while driving.

A 6.8” WVGA Capacitive Touch Panel monitor is also offered for great visual display and accurate touch actions. Also, the short chassis makes the installation easy and reduces the overall weight of the stereo.


  • Screen dimensions are 5.97 x 3.13 inches.
  • Installation dimensions are 7.16 x 4.40 x 2.95 inches.
  • Weight of the model is 3.85 pounds.
  • It supports Bluetooth version 4.1.
  • Audio frequency response is 20 Hz – 20 kHz.
  • 13-band Graphic EQ is featured.
  • 2 Pre-outs of 2V + Subwoofer output are available.


  • DMX4707S is compatible with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Spotify, Pandora, built-in SiriusXM, and wirelessly connect your smartphones via Bluetooth.
  • FLAC, WAV, MP3, WMA, and AAC are the audio formats supported by Kenwood’s product.
  • Rearview camera input with parking guidelines.
  • 6.8” WVGA monitor with the excellent sound quality delivered by the top-notch audio parts.
Kenwood DMX4707S double din stereo system
  • Superb output audio quality.
  • Touch screen panel is easy to use.
  • Great features for a given price point.
  • Do not play CDs.

3. Kenwood DPX304MBT (Best In-Budget)

Kenwood never fails to understand their customer. With emerging trends, they always try to keep their products updated.

DPX304MBT by Kenwood is a product that is loved by all the millennials. Why? Because it comes with built-in Alexa (virtual assistant) by Amazon with voice control. With this feature, you can easily access any songs or any action you wish.

From playing your favorite songs to answering calls, ask Alexa to do it for you, and it will be done. Just install Amazon Alexa App on your Apple (iOS 11.0+) and Android phones (Android OS 5.0+), and you are all set.

You can also connect your iPhone and Android via Bluetooth or the USB port.


  • Installation dimensions are 7 x 3.93 x 3.93 inches.
  • Weight is approx. 4 pounds.
  • Bluetooth version 4.2 is packed.
  • Frequency response is 20 Hz – 20 kHz.
  • 13-Band Graphic EQ and DTA are featured.
  • 3 Pre-outs of 2.5V are available.


  • It is compatible with all the music streaming services, and built-in Alexa is like the cherry on the cake.
  • All types of audio formats are supported.
  • Unfortunately, camera input is not provided here.
  • Sound quality delivered is desirable.
  • Dash lighting with various colors and Android Rapid Charging via a USB port are some other characteristics.
Kenwood DPX304MBT is best budget kenwood double din stereo system
  • Built-in Alexa.
  • USB port is available.
  • Wide compatibility.
  • It is not user-friendly and you might face BT connectivity issues sometimes.

4. Kenwood DDX375BT

Nothing is perfect, right? Kenwood’s every product isn’t the best one in the market. But they try their best to offer all the desired features. Everything you’d expect from a double din stereo system, Kenwood has it packed in their systems.

DDX375BT comes with a 6.2” WVGA LCD display screen. With LED backlight. A Clear Resistive Touch Panel with smooth touch actions allows users to browse the music wirelessly.

Multi-language menu and tabs with 22 languages and Variable Key Illumination make the dash even more user-friendly.

A rear USB port is provided for seamlessly connecting your smartphones to the head unit. It supports almost all the advanced audio streaming services like Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM radio, iHeart radio. Unfortunately, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are not featured here.

If this product is not available on Amazon when you are reading this, check this alternative Kenwood DDX25BT which has similar features as that of DDX375BT.


  • Monitor dimensions are 5.41 x 3.03 inches.
  • Installation dimensions are 7.16 x 4.37 x 6.29 inches.
  • Overall weight is 3.8 pounds.
  • Bluetooth version is 3.0.
  • Frequency response is 30 Hz – 22 kHz.
  • 13-Band Graphics Equalizer is featured for sound tuning.
  • 3 Pre-outs (4V) for connecting external amp.


  • DDX375BT is compatible with Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM and iHeart radio, and in-built Bluetooth.
  • All types of audio formats from high-res to MP3 are supported.
  • One rear camera video input with parking guidelines is provided for safe parking.
  • 6.2” Wide Video Graphics Array monitor with touch panel as well as buttons and Variable Key Illumination makes it easy to use the din even in dark.
  • Other features include Android Rapid Charging, Dual Phone Connections, Android Music Playback, etc.
Kenwood DDX375BT double din system
  • Prominent audio quality with a user-friendly interface.
  • Stable BT connection.
  • Installation is easy.
  • No AUX input.

5. Kenwood DDX9703S

Along with Kenwood, there are various car audio brands out there to choose a stereo system. Kenwood offers a slight advanced touch, even other brands have to offer one or the other unique feature. For now, why don’t we just focus on Kenwood, right?

DDX9703S is one of the best Kenwood double din stereo systems you can buy today. In fact, from all the stereo systems discussed till now, this one pretty much beats all of them in terms of features available.

For starters, it comes with a 6.95” Wide Video Graphics Array (WVGA) monitor which lets you browse anything smoothly. Not to mention the Clear Resistive Touch Panel and its touch actions accuracy.

In-built Bluetooth is normal, but what’s new is voice control with Apple Siri. From answering calls to playing your favorite song, Siri gets it done for you. Unfortunately, Google Assistant is not supported, so this not jolly news for Android users.

Another feature that we liked in this stereo system is iDatalink Maestro RR compatibility. When iDatalink by Automotive Data Solutions is connected to DDX9703S, a sleek and nice-looking interface appears on the monitor which allows you to control Satellite Radio, Hands-free music, etc. and even your car performance stats can be viewed.


  • Monitor dimensions are 6.16 x 3.21 inches.
  • Installation dimensions are 7.16 x 4.40 x 6.37 inches.
  • It weighs 5.1 pounds.
  • Output frequency response is 20 Hz – 88 kHz.
  • 13-Band Graphic EQ is offered, just like every other sound system.
  • 3 Pre-outs (4V) are provided for connecting the external amp.


  • Kenwood’s DDX9703S is compatible with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, SiriusXM, built-in HD radio, Spotify, Pandora, and even an HDMI connection is available.
  • Video playback and all type of audio formats are supported.
  • 2 RCA inputs are provided for both rearview and front-facing cameras.
  • 6.95” WVGA LCD monitor with decent sound output quality.
  • Wireless music browsing, Android Rapid Charging, Motorized 7 Step Tilt Angle Adjust are the other features offered.
Kenwood DDX9703S double din stereo system
  • Smooth Touchscreen actions.
  • Audio quality is prominent.
  • Various features at the given price point.
  • In-built HD radio doesn’t work as expected.

6. Kenwood DDX374BT

We are five products down and the 6th product on our list is Kenwood DDX374BT.

This stereo system comes with a 6.2” WVGA monitor with an LED backlight. Yes, a Touchscreen panel for feasible touch actions with in-built Bluetooth technology enhances the overall user experience.

Just like DDX9703S (previously discussed product), Kenwood has offered compatibility of iDatalink Maestro RR to DDX374BT as well. Even if you placed the stereo system a bit offset, you can easily adjust the angle settings as per your needs.

Android Music Playback and Android Rapid Charging are two features in favor of Android users whereas iPhone App Mode and iPhone/iPod USB direct connection will keep iOS users happy.

A rear USB port is provided. An in-built CD player is one of the pros.

While we are writing this, the product is available. In case this stereo system isn’t available, feel free to check out the alternative Kenwood DMX7706S.


  • Monitor/Screen dimensions are 5.41 x 3.03 inches.
  • Installation dimensions are 7.16 x 4.37 x 6.29 inches.
  • Weight is 4.5 pounds.
  • Bluetooth version 3.0 is supported.
  • Frequency response is 20 Hz – 88 kHz.
  • 13-Band Graphics EQ with DTA delivers mesmerizing sound quality.
  • 3 Pre-outs of 4V are provided.


  • DDX374BT supports Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM, iHeart Radio, CD player, and Bluetooth.
  • From Video Playback using CD, and high-res sound formats to MP3, there’s no scope of disappointments here.
  • 1 Video Input for rear camera view with parking guidelines ensures extra safety.
  • 6.2” WVGA LCD display screen with great audio parts produce excellent sound quality.
  • Other features like Dual Phone Connection and Wireless Music Browsing are also included.
Kenwood DDX374BT double din stereo system
  • Installation is easy.
  • Decent sound quality.
  • Connectivity is good.
  • You might find better deals at this price point. But go for this one if it fits your needs.

7. Kenwood DPX504BT

DPX504BT is similar to Kenwood’s DPX304MBT and even features are alike.

Only one feature sets them apart and that is the CD player. DPX504BT comes with an in-built CD player that allows you to insert DVDs and listen to your favorite stored songs.

Besides that, this stereo system has a 420 Segment display, which means the Touchscreen is not available here. It also comes with Amazon Alexa which permits the user to let the system process the commands through voice control.

A USB and AUX input is also provided on the front dash to seamlessly connect your smartphones. This also enables the feature of Android Rapid Charging for Android mobiles.

If you are looking for a stereo system under 150 bucks, DPX504BT is the best Kenwood double din stereo you can never go wrong with.


  • Installation dimensions are 7 x 3.93 x 6.14 inches.
  • Weight of the system is approx. 3 pounds.
  • Bluetooth version 4.2 is supported which is a good sign.
  • Aux frequency response is 20 Hz – 20 kHz.
  • 13-Band Graphics EQ with Drive EQ produces powerful sound and ensures low road noise.
  • 3 Pre-outs (2.5V) are available.


  • This stereo system is compatible with in-built Alexa, Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM, and Bluetooth.
  • All types of audio formats are supported.
  • Rear camera view input is not provided.
  • Wireless Music Browsing, Dual Phone Connection, Music Mix are some other features included.
Kenwood DPX504BT double din head unit
  • Built-in Amazon Alexa.
  • CD player and USB port are available.
  • No touchscreen panel.

8. Kenwood Excelon DDX396

We know it’s going lengthy but since we are listing down all the important specifications and features, please bear with us.

Kenwood Excelon DDX396 comes with a 6.2” Clear Resistive Touch panel that allows the user to browse music with the help of the Wireless Music Browsing feature.

It is featured with an Enhanced Cosmetic Design that improves the overall look of the stereo system, and a multi-functional Illuminated Rotary Knob just gives a perfect touch during night time.

This din unit is compatible with iDatalink Maestro RR for better interface and advanced on-screen actionable features. Just connect the iDatalink Maestro by Automotive Solutions to your stereo and you are good to go.

DDX369 has an in-built CD player, USB, and AUX input ports for hassle-free connection of your smartphones to the stereo din dash.


  • Screen dimensions are 5.43 x 3.06 inches.
  • Installation dimensions are 7.18 x 4.37 x 0.31 inches.
  • Weight of the stereo system is 4.4 pounds.
  • Bluetooth version supported by this head unit is 3.0.
  • Frequency response is 30 Hz – 16 kHz.
  • 13-Band Graphic EQ and DTA for awesome sound output.
  • 3 Pre-outs of (5V) for connecting to external amplifier and receiver.


  • This stereo system is compatible with Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM, iHeart Radio, iDatalink Maestro RR.
  • Along with several types of audio formats, videos can also be viewed.
  • Rear camera view input with parking guidelines is provided for better safety.
  • Prominent audio quality with an engaging 6.2” WVGA monitor.
  • Android Rapid Charging, Music Mix, Remote Kenwood App, etc. are some other features.
Kenwood Excelon DDX396 is one of the best kenwood double din system
  • Decent output sound quality.
  • Installation is easy.
  • Complaints regarding Bluetooth connectivity issues are more.

9. Kenwood DPX530BT

If you look up the market, you will Kenwood products ranging from below $100 to above $1000. But price shouldn’t define the product’s quality, right?

As of we are writing this, DPX530BT is below $150 and is one of the best Kenwood double din heat units you can gift your car today. It is equipped with all the basic essentials a stereo system needs.

This system is featured with a 420 segment display with actionable buttons on the sides and an in-built CD player resides at the top of the head unit. DPX530BT lacks a touchscreen panel.

But other features like Music mix that 5 devices to stay connected to the din unit via Bluetooth simultaneously, Dual Phone Connection, Front USB port, Wireless Music Browsing, etc. compensate for the lack of touch panel.

Another great thing is if you buy it from Amazon, you will get free earphones by Alphasonik. How cool is that?

If you are really on a tight budget, we would highly recommend you to try this stereo system out. However, while we are writing this, the product is available. In case this stereo system isn’t available, feel free to check out the alternative Kenwood DPX594BT.


  • Installation dimensions are 7.08 x 3.93 x 6.22 inches.
  • It weighs approx. 3 pounds.
  • The supported Bluetooth version is 3.0.
  • Aux frequency response is 20 Hz – 20 kHz.
  • 13-Band Graphical EQ with DTA for smooth and clear audio quality.
  • 3 Pre-outs (2.5V) are provided.


  • DPX530BT is compatible with Spotify, Pandora, in-built Bluetooth, SiriusXM, iHeart Radio, and a CD player.
  • Audio formats of all types are supported.
  • No rearview camera input.
  • Great fit with a proper harness for your vehicle model and excellent sound and rhythm response.
  • Android Music Playback, Remote Kenwood App, Variable Illumination Color LEDs, etc. are the additional characteristics.
Kenwood DPX530BT double din system
  • Best value for money deal.
  • Installation is easy.
  • Good sound quality.
  • Not that user-friendly during day time.

10. Kenwood DNX576S

Kenwood DNX576S is one of products that we love genuinely. First of all, this stereo system looks rich and ravishing. Secondly, there are few features that none of the double din stereo systems has.

It comes with a nice 6.8” WVGA monitor display and Clear Resistive Touch Panel for efficient touch controls. A built-in Garmin navigation for accurate navigation and driver alerts is offered.

 Along with that, Customizable Multi Widget allows the user to customize the look of the home screen and add shortcuts like song album art, clock, weather, turn-by-turn, Garmin Navigation, etc.

Kenwood’s DNX576S is featured with 3 camera inputs with desired configurations. Lane assist is one fantastic feature that guides the driver to take appropriate lanes during turning or exiting.

Owning a Kenwood DRV-N520 dashboard camera is exceptionally helpful here because that camera can be viewed and controlled by this stereo system. A rear USB port and a memory card slot are also packed.

If there’s no budget restriction, this double din head unit will be our first recommendation for you and your ride.


  • Screen/monitor dimensions are 5.97 x 3.13 inches.
  • Installation dimensions are 7 x 3.93 x 6.02 inches.
  • Weight is 4.6 pounds.
  • Bluetooth version 5.0 is supported which the latest one.
  • Frequency response is 20 Hz – 88 kHz.
  • 13-Band Graphic EQ with DTA produces absolutely amazing sound output.
  • 3 Pre-outs (4V) for connecting amplifier and subwoofer.


  • DNX576S has wide compatibility. Spotify, Pandora, iDatalink Maestro, SiriusXM, Garmin navigation, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Bluetooth are all supported.
  • Video playback and all type of audio formats can be played smoothly.
  • 3 camera RCA inputs are provided, front, rear, and dash camera view with parking guidelines and lane assist.
  • 6.8” WVGA Touch Screen with superb music sound quality and clarity.
  • Other characteristics like Music Mix, Kenwood Remote App, Wireless Music Browsing, etc. are also included.
Kenwood DNX576S double din stereo system
  • Amazing sound quality and rich aesthetics.
  • Wide compatibility and easy installation.
  • More advanced features than other stereo systems.
  • A CD player is also available.
  • It is not budget-friendly.

Final Words

Let’s take a breath everyone. This was really a lengthy one. We can’t thank you enough for sticking by our side through the whole paragraphs.

As we said there’s plenty of variety nowadays to choose from. The above mentioned are the 10 best Kenwood double din stereos. And honestly, if you ask us our favorite, it will be Kenwood DMX706S and DNX576S.

While we are writing this content, there’s a possibility that the stereo systems we discussed above might run out of stock, or not available. In that case, we will mention below some of the best double din head units to buy other than the Kenwood brand.

Top 5 Notable Mentions (Other Than Kenwood)

Pioneer MVH1400NEX

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Pioneer AVH-2400NEX

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Sony XAVAX1000

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Pioneer AVH-X490BS

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