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7 Best Affordable Polk Audio In Wall Speakers In 2021

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No matter how much you spend on the interior and other furniture, your home is going to feel incomplete if you don’t choose a proper set of the audio system for it.

Often people keep on looking for that perfect fit and still end up buying that’s not worth it. For instance, people buy a huge home theatre sound system out of excitement and regret their decision after a few weeks because they don’t find it providing any more value.

On the other hand, if you invest in Polk Audio in wall speakers, you bag yourself a treat. From David Guetta to Elvis Presley, play anything you desire and in wall speakers from Polk Audio leaves no spot for dissatisfaction.

In this article, we are going to review the best in-wall speakers that Polk Audio manufactured so far.

polk audio rc85i best in wall speakers

Polk Audio RC85i

( Overall Best )

polk audio 255c rt in wall speaker

Polk Audio 255C-RT

( Best Sound )

polk audio 265rt best in wall speakers

Polk Audio 265-RT

( Best Aesthetics )

polk audio t15 home theater bookshelf speakers

Polk Audio T15

polk audio 65 rt polk audio in wall speakers

Polk Audio 65-RT

polk audio in wall speakers 265 ls

Polk Audio 265-LS

polk audio in wall speakers 255c ls

Polk Audio 255C-LS

Top 7 Polk Audio In Wall Speakers

Polk Audio RC85i

Polk is one of the few brands that never stopped showing consistency in the products they manufactured. From ceiling speakers to wall-mounted to within wall speakers, they provide quality in all of them.

Polk Audio RC85i is one such beast. Now enjoy surround sound and feel the vibes of your favorite music like never before. RC85i comes with an 8” dynamic woofer which offers balanced sound tunes. Additional 1” tweeter won’t fail to deliver that in-depth and detailed audio quality.

With strong drivers and polymer cone structure, the sound coverage area is more, hence more dispersed music experience. Not to forget the appealing look that it will add up to your room.

Features :-

  • Dimensions are 10.1 x 3.5 x 14.2 inches.
  • Frequency response is 20 kHz which means top-notch sound clarity.
  • Speaker power rating ranges from 20 to 100 watts per channel.
  • 8” dynamic woofer and 1” tweeter.
Polk Audio RC85i is one of the best polk audio in wall speakers
  • Easy to set up and install.
  • Exceptional sound quality.
  • Durable and compact.
  • Worth every penny.
  • Mounting clips should be done carefully.

Polk Audio 255C-RT

While buying an in wall speaker, the major thing we all look for is its compatibility and how much dispersion sound or wide sound area is covered by the speaker.

255c-RT from Polk Audio is something that you shouldn’t miss out on if you are a real buyer. 255c-RT is an in-wall center channel speaker that offers extraordinary bass and audio quality. It is designed in such a way that there is no chance for sound distortion even at high volumes, making it suitable for any 3.1, 5.1, 6.1, and 7.1 surround systems.

With the availability of precision flanges, pre-construction brackets, and a patented rotating cam system, installation is as easy as you’d think. Secured and vibration-free mounting is all you can expect.

Features :-

  • Dimensions are 9.80 x 14.81 x 9.31 inches.
  • Dual 5.25” woofer and swivel-mounted 1” soft dome tweeter provides excellent music experience and a rumbling bass effect.
  • Maximum power output claimed by the brand is 150 watts.
  • Frequency response of 25 kHz is a bonus that adds up to be the reason for crystal clear music tunes.
Polk Audio 255C-RT
  • Grilles are paintable.
  • Wide audio coverage area.
  • Best value for money product.
  • The installation has to be done cautiously or else the speaker disintegrates and rattles.

Polk Audio 265-RT

There’s no doubt that Polk audio in wall speakers are the best home audio fit for your sweet house.

Polk Audio didn’t come up with loads of home sound systems but instead, they manufactured less variety of speakers which are built perfectly.

Polk audio 265-RT is hands down one of the best budget in wall speaker. It purely matches with your living room’s attire, thanks to its exceptional finishing. Moreover, it comes with a patented rotation cam which helps to install the speaker effortlessly anywhere you want.

Since it is a 3-way speaker, i.e. Left/Right speakers and Rear surround in a 3.1, 5.1, 6.1, or 7.1 channel system, it covers a wide area without any sound distortion.

Features :-

  • Dimensions are 23 x 10.8 x 12.8 inches.
  • It comes with Distance toggle and Power Port technology that offers dynamic and balanced volume output.
  • Now experience bass and audio quality like never before with a dual 6.5” woofer and 1” swivel-mount silk dome tweeter.
  • Listen to perfect and fine-tuned lyrics with a frequency response of 27 kHz.
  • This speaker is said to have a maximum power output of 200 watts.
Polk Audio 265-RT in best polk audio in wall speakers
  • Premium sound quality.
  • Easy installation.
  • Paintable grilles.
  • Size is large compared to other in-wall speakers.

Polk Audio T15

Have I ever mentioned that Polk is boss when it comes to bookshelf speakers as well? Well, yes it is. Unlike wall speakers, Polk really focused on the production of bookshelf speakers, more diversity yet amazing standard.

Polk Audio T15 is a bookshelf cum wall speaker. The reason why it is a wall mount speaker because of its compactness. It is easily mountable, in all ways, like Front, Left/Right setup, surround system, or as Rear speakers.

T15 is one of the most versatile product Polk Audio ever made. These speakers are compatible with most of Home Theater AV receivers which help you arrange them in any way you desire.

Features :-

  • Dimensions are 7.30 x 6.50 x 10.7 inches.
  • Experience deep bass even at low volumes, thanks to 5.25” dynamic balanced driver and 0.75” tweeter is the icing on the cake.
  • The frequency response of 24 kHz helps you listen to every music with clarity.
  • The maximum power output is 100 watts.
Polk Audio T15
  • It is super affordable.
  • Excellent build quality.
  • Easy setup and installation.
  • At high volume, the bass feels too rumbling.

Polk Audio 65-RT

No wonder why Polk ranks within the top spots when people talk about home music systems. With time, Polk Audio proved why it deserves the ranking.

65-RT is undoubtedly one of the best Polk audio in wall speakers out there. Just like water fits perfectly into any shape, this speaker blends easily in any aesthetic appeal that your home demands.

You can now clearly vibe with your favorite songs even while working on other corners of the house. Because this is a 3-way speaker, keep it in Left/Right position, Front speakers or Rear surround sound system in a 3.1, 5.1, 6.1, and 7.1 channel system, works like charm in either way.

Just like other speakers, 65-RT is also featured with a precision flange, pre-construction brackets, and a rotating cam system which ensures vibration-free installation. This speaker is medium-sized and can easily fit inside the walls, almost invisible.

Features :-

  • Dimensions are 16.5 x 11 x 5.5 inches.
  • Power Port technology that offers deep and balanced bass.
  • 6.5” woofer and 1” Soft Dome tweeter will let you experience superior audio and surround sound is just wonderful.
  • Frequency response is 27 kHz and yes you guessed it, crystal clear sound and lyrics output.
  • 125 watts is the maximum power output.
Polk Audio 65-RT as one of the best polk audio in wall speakers
  • Installation process is effortless.
  • The price is affordable considering the features provided.
  • Great overall music experience.
  • Build quality is not prominent.

Polk Audio 265-LS

Since we know that Polk Audio didn’t produce much in-wall and in-ceiling speakers under their name so it wasn’t that hard to choose the best ones.

Polk 265-LS is one such product from them. They built all these in wall speakers with similar features. For instance, just like other speakers, 265-LS is packed with easy installation techniques like precision flange, brackets, and patented rotation cam.

Also, this is a 3-way speaker, which means it can be placed in 3 directions along with surround sound in the channel system to cover a wide area without any distortion.

Features :-

  • Dimensions are 20.9 x 3.5 x 8.9 inches.
  • Ring radiator tweeters along with dual woofer drivers will deliver perfect punchy bass with prominent sound quality.
  • Power Port technology is provided to offer a dynamic and balanced sound output.
  • The frequency response is 33 kHz which is enough for excellent sound clarity.
  • The maximum power output of this speaker is 200 watts.
Polk Audio 265-LS
  • Just like other Polk speakers, this one is easy to install and mount.
  • Sound quality is great.
  • It is not budget-friendly.

Polk Audio 255C-LS

255C-LS from Polk Audio is a center channel speaker. It is compact and can fit and blend anywhere at your place perfectly.

This is more of a mountable speaker than in-wall. Precision flange, brackets, and patented cam made the mounting uncomplicated.

Since it’s a two-way center channel system, it is capable of covering a wide area without any sound distortion or whatsoever. Be it slow bedtime songs or party songs, these speakers are versatile to play anything at any time.

Features :-

  • Dimensions are 14.9 x 3.9 x 9.4 inches.
  • Sit back and enjoy superior quality music with the ring radiator tweeter and woofer drivers used in this speaker.
  • Crisp and clear audio output, due to the frequency response of 33 kHz.
  • The maximum power output is 125 watts.
Polk Audio 255C-LS as one of the best polk audio in wall speakers
  • Easily mountable.
  • Wide audio coverage area because it is a center channel.
  • It is expensive compared to other speakers with the same features.

Final Words

If you are still reading this article, kudos. We really appreciate you for sticking with us. Talking about home audio systems, we mentioned 7 best Polk Audio in wall speakers that you can consider buying.

You must be wondering that the features of all the speakers above are almost the same. Even though they possess same characteristics, Polk Audio RC85i is the one that we choose and recommend you. The reasons are listed above and we felt that it’s the best choice for our overall expectations and needs.

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