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7 Best Wall Mounted Speakers For You (2021)

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When there is no floor space for speakers, wall speakers are the answer when great sound is desired in the home. The flat wall speakers can be mounted on either side of the flat screen, thus giving a great boost to the sound quality.

Wall speakers can also be a good solution in combination with a multi-room amplifier, for a kitchen room, bathroom, or example as a discreet rear speaker in a surround system. A white wall speaker usually does not look like much and is very easy to integrate into most rooms.

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Wall Mounted Speakers feature a slimmer profile than traditional loudspeakers and are made to hang directly onto a wall. They protrude into the room less, minimizing the visual impact of the speaker system. Although most wall speakers are extremely competent, it can usually be a good idea to combine the wall speakers with a good subwoofer to complete the experience.

bose 251 best wall mount speakers

Bose 251

( Best Audio )

polk audio atrium 5 outdoor speakers

Polk Atrium 5

( Best Outdoor )

bose 161 wall mounted speakers

Bose 161

( Best Overall ) 

polk audio rc85i best wall speakers

Polk Audio RC85i

yamaha ns aw150wh outdoor speakers

Yamaha AS-AW150WH

polk audio mc60 wall mounted speakers

Polk Audio MC60

dual electronics LU43PW wall mounted speakers

Dual Electronics

Our Top 7 Picks For Best Wall Mounted Speakers In 2021

1. Bose 251 (Best Overall)

The Bose 251 speakers deliver full, rich sound for your listening pleasure on the deck, by the pool, or on the porch. Built to withstand the elements, these award-winning speakers provide reliable, year-round performance that will have you humming in the sun or singing in the rain.

They use an Articulated Array speaker design to produce an extremely wide sound field. Each outside speaker cabinet houses two speakers set at precise angles so you experience consistent stereo effects as you move around outdoors.

And the unique multi-chambered design of the Bose 251 exterior speaker cabinet minimizes audible distortion from low frequencies, for sound with clear, natural impact. It has the following characteristics –


  • The articulated array speaker design makes for clearer sound in areas like workshops or basements.
  • These speakers offer an excellent and tough sound.
  • It has a multi-chamber bass enclosure for extra powerful audio.
Bose 251 wall mounted speakers
  • It has a loud and smooth audio quality.
  • These speakers are waterproof.
  • It has a unique design.
  • These speakers can’t be mounted horizontally.

2. Polk Audio Atrium 5 (Best Sound)

The Polk Audio outdoor speakers are an excellent way to bring the party to your backyard with a permanent installation so you aren’t always looking for the Bluetooth speaker and making sure it’s charged.

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These speakers are well made, ready to handle the elements that come from a permanent outdoor installation. Polk offers the Atrium speakers in various sizes, and the Atrium 5 uses 5-inch drivers and 3/4-inch tweeters.

The bass response on the speaker is powerful and tight without getting in the way of the other tones. You can turn the audio on and the vocals will sound very realistic with a great mid-range.


  • These speakers can be easily installed.
  • The audio quality is great.
  • It is an all-weather speaker.
Polk audio atrium 5 on wall speakers
  • These speakers can be easily installed.
  • The audio quality is great.
  • It is an all-weather speaker.
  • The bass response is not that effective.

3. Bose 161 (Best Budget)

Bose 161 Speaker System has a streamlined design. They are a versatile option for both music and film listening. They work with your stereo receiver, but can also serve as front or surround speakers in a component home cinema setup.

If you’re a component-minded home cinema enthusiast, these sleek speakers are also ideal for front or rear speakers. Custom mounting brackets are included to increase placement options throughout your home. There are the following features –


  • The magnetically shielded speakers allow it to stand beside your TV.
  • Custom mounting brackets are included for additional placement options.
  • Twiddler drivers use proprietary technology to generate more air movement from a small enclosure for rich low-frequency sound.
Bose 161 speakers
  • They are compact.
  • These speakers are easy to install.
  • The audio quality is balanced.
  • The wire connection is spring-loaded type.

4. Polk Audio RC85i

These speakers are consistently among the top-rated wall mounted speakers as well as in-wall speakers whether used by themselves or as part of a larger surround sound audio system. To that end, they’re timbre-matched with other Polk Audio speakers to ensure seamless blending.

The RC85i utilizes Polk’s infinite baffle tuning to enhance bass frequency using the room itself as a virtual enclosure. They’re very low profile and feature a paintable grille and clear paintable surrounds.

The Polk Audio RC85i sound system is also moisture resistant enough to use in high-humidity or steamy indoor spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, and even covered pool and patio areas, without sacrificing durability.

They’re also easy to install, thanks to Polk’s streamlined mounting system; they’re held by rotating cams rather than rigid supports, reducing extraneous vibrations. Read a brief review of this product here. This speaker has the following features –


  • They are featured with an 8-inch dynamic balance woofer and a 1-inch tweeter.
  • The rubber seal provided prevents the speaker from moisture and can be used in a bathroom.
  • A mineral-filled polymer cone and composite driver creates a wider dispersion.
Polk audio RC85i on wall speakers
  • Installation is effortless.
  • They are affordable.
  • These speakers are moisture resistant.
  • Mounting clips should be done carefully.

5. Yamaha NS-AW150WH

Yamaha Outdoor Speakers units have been designed to be used indoors or out and come with multiple mounting options for easy mounting to a wide range of surfaces. The 5-inch polypropylene woofer and 1/ 2-inch PEI dome tweeter can handle up to 120 Watts of power over a frequency range of 55Hz to 40KHz. The speakers are magnetically shielded so you don’t have to worry about placing them too close to your television.

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The Yamaha NS-AW150WH also manages to impress with its enclosures. By using sealed acoustic suspension cabinets, the speakers themselves are both weatherproof and able to stand up to dust and dirt.

This can be especially problematic for other speakers; for example, when dust or dirt gets inside and ruins the quality of sound produced by covering or coating the speaker cone.

The cabinets use an acoustic suspension and seal to prevent tubby bass which is good but you’ll have to forgive them for their overall quality if you are used to a more premium grade. There are certain characteristics of these speakers –


  • It has a 5-inch high compliance, polypropylene, mica-filled woofer, and 0.5-inch PEI dome tweeter.
  • The speaker has an acoustic suspension design for clear audio and controlled bass response.
  • The dimensions of these speakers are – width is 5.41-inch, 10.125-inch height, and 6.16-inch depth.
Yamaha NS-AW150WH wall mounted speakers
  • The bass response of the speaker is good.
  • Mounting is easy.
  • They are affordable and design is sleek.
  • It has no Bluetooth integration.

6. Polk Audio MC60

Ceiling speakers can also be great wall mounted speakers and we believe that Polk Audio MC60 In-Ceiling Speakers should be the one. This speaker is very powerful at offering nice surround sounds and make the sound of any music more natural.

Other than this, it is also capable of balancing the level of frequencies which would turn the music out with high-quality sound even at both low or high volume.

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More than that, this speaker also weighs lightly, making the bass respond very well to the operation. On top of that, it is also very easy to assemble as it comes with a template.

Furthermore, it would perfectly suit any ceiling of your house too. The rustproof stainless steel hardware, durable butyl rubber surrounds and powder-coated aluminum grilles make TCi Series speakers suitable for high moisture areas like bathrooms, transitional spaces or even under eaves or in the ceiling of an enclosed porch.

Polk’s MC60 speakers, sold individually, install flush in your ceiling for a sleek, attractive look. The 3/4 – inch tweeter lets you aim the high frequencies for the clearest sound in your room. The 6-1/2 – inch woofer provides smooth bass and mid-bass.

And this speaker’s moisture-resistant design means you can enjoy it in your kitchen, bathroom, sauna, or even outdoors, installed under the eaves. There are the following features –


  • These speakers are equipped with Dynamic Balance technology which results in extraordinary natural audio even at the low sound.
  • A 6.5-inch midrange and 0.75-inch tweeter provide a uniform sound even in larger rooms.
Polk audio MC60 wall speakers
  • MC60 speakers are easy to operate.
  • They are easy to mount.
  • Durability is great.
  • The audio seems to be unidirectional.

7. Dual Electronics LU43PW

If you are running on a thin budget and looking for extraordinary wall speakers to feel some light background music while sipping Mimosas on a warm Sunday morning, then Dual Electronics LU43PW Speakers are the ones. The Dual LU43P speakers come with everything you’ll need to mount and speakers to your home.

But you’ll need some speaker cable and a source component to get the sound there. These are old school, no wireless gadgets found here. And that is why they cost so little. The casing is UV treated so it won’t wilt in the sunlight.

The 4-inch polypropylene with rubber woofer is paired with a 1-inch polypropylene cone mid-range cone and 20mm piezo dome tweeter. The LU43P model can handle up to 100W of peak power and produce 100Hz – 20kHz.

So mounting them on a wall as opposed to a post will help increase the perceived bass response. It has the following characteristics –


  • The frequency response of the speaker is 100Hz – 20KHz with a sensitivity of 85.5 dB.
  • The dimensions of the LU43PW are – its height is 8.25-inch, width is 5.25-inch and depth is also 5.25-inch.
  • These speakers are made for every season, they are coated with a UV resistant resin and placed inside an ABS enclosure protecting it from the elements and preserving sound integrity.
Dual Electronics LU43PW wall mounted speakers
  • These speakers are easy to install.
  • Audio quality is acceptable.
  • They are very cheap in price.
  • Bass’s response is not that effective.

Final Words

Thank you for sticking with us throughout the article.

Above mentioned are some of the unique and best wall mounted speakers you can buy without hesitation.

Depending upon your budget and the requirements, select the product that you desire. We are pretty sure that these speakers won’t let you down.

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

How can I hang speakers on the wall without drilling holes?

Hanging bookshelf speakers or any wall mount speakers on walls might sound too much of work when you first picture it. Yes, you can hang speakers on the wall without much effort and especially without getting your walls hollow. Follow the step-by-step procedure to do so by reading this article.

Can bookshelf speakers be mounted on wall?

There’s no hard and fast rule about bookshelf speakers that they cannot be mounted on walls. But for the best possible audio experience place them on the speaker stands.

Again the speaker stand doesn’t need to be too high or too low, but if the tweeter of a speaker is at ear level you gonna encounter with optimal audio effect. You can angle your bookshelf speaker according to your listening preferences but make sure about the separation of speakers about 4 feet. 

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