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How To Make A Speaker Louder Without An Amp? 6 Best Ways.

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Imagine you are listening to your favorite song and all of a sudden you realize that the speakers don’t sound like they did once. Almost like they lost their shine, and all they offer is dull sound. Hurts, doesn’t it?

Some of you might have faced this issue now or before, and don’t want to put in extra cash for buying that unaffordable amplifier. This makes us wonder how to make a speaker louder without an amp. And can you really do that? Well, yes you can!

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So, this article brings you what you are exactly looking for. Although amplifiers boost up speakers volume to a whole new level, some tips we discussed below will also provide significant and noticeable changes in your speaker’s output volume.

What Is An Amplifier?

An amplifier is nothing but a device that can take and process a signal with more than 1 value.

It processes the electric signal provided to its input and amplifies or boost up the signal in the output.

Earlier amplifiers were manufactured by specific brands so they were expensive as well. But nowadays, even casual and underrated brands have their own amplifiers, hence they are affordable.

Still, some of us refuse to spend money on sound boosters, and instead invest in some other needs. So why not solve our problem just with a few tips, right?

Dual Electronics DBTMA100 wireless amplifier
Dual Electronics DBTMA100 Wireless Amplifier

6 Possible Ways On How To Make A Speaker Louder Without An Amp

1. Speaker And Woofer Placement

We can’t blame the sound system if we are the ones to place it where it cannot perform to its full capacity.

Placement of the speaker and subwoofer is one of the most important guidelines to follow.

Speakers are still not affected much in terms of their position because it delivers high-frequency output.

But when it comes to subwoofers, you have to consider their location because subwoofers do the work of delivering good bass and maintaining accurate audio balance at low frequency.

The best practice is to place subwoofers not much in the corner because that will make the bass effect vibrating and too heavy. Hence, arrange it at an angle where there is sufficient space behind the woofer for sound waves to flow.

Just place the system in an asymmetric manner, which means the woofer should be at a good distance from one wall and close to the adjacent wall. This way the audio flow will be proper, the sound will be dispersed through a wide area, and bass will be delivered perfectly.

Speaker placement on how to make a speaker louder without an amp
Speaker Placement

2. Replacing Old Wires And Connectors  

Not every time it’s your speakers that are going to be at fault. As time pass by, every electronic thing tends to roll out of service, even wires. But, but, wires are coated with an insulating material like plastic, right? Yes, and they do need a replacement as well.

With time, since wires are made of metal, they start to lose their current carrying capacity which leads to dissatisfying sound output.

So, make it a habit to check your wires and connectors on regular basis and replace them if they are too old.

Also, remember that when you purchase cable and wires for your speakers, don’t forget to get yourself a good pair of cables and connectors as well.

Note that wires and connectors should be well compatible with each other or else you will end up buying expensive speaker wires which will work poorly with existing connectors.

If this turns out to be overwhelming or confusing, we would recommend you to take help from professional electricians who know about the speaker and its connection.

Speaker cables
Speaker Cables

3. Damping

Damping is another good technique you can use in order to increase the volume of your speakers.

Damping is done by adding the insulating material to reduce the vibrations caused due to electricity generated in the speaker and the design of the speaker enclosure.

Vibrations can highly influence the output audio and more importantly the bass of the system.

So, if you are a bass lover like us, damping is something that you should consider performing on your speakers once they start giving you dull hits.

4. Phase & Crossover Settings

Phase and crossover settings play a huge role in delivered sound quality and bass effect.

That’s why it is necessary to always ensure the phase compatibility of the subwoofer with the sound system accompanied.

If your crossover settings are inaccurate, the main speaker and subwoofer will face unbalanced bass frequencies which will make the output sound distorted and troublesome on the ears.

On the other hand, if your crossover settings are up to the mark, your speaker and subwoofer will be able to offer deep bass and pure music quality without using an external amplifier and this is one of the best ways on how to make a speaker louder without an amp.

5. Using Speaker Horn

Speaker horn is a device with a cone horn-like structure usually placed over the output of the speaker so that the volume output from the speaker which is normal now comes out as louder and stronger because of the horn.

While using a horn can give you a pretty good sound boost, it has its downsides as well.

When the audio from the speaker output enters the horn, the waves travel their way up to the horn output where the radius keeps on increasing.

This makes the final delivered sound to get dispersed in an unusual range which distorts the sound. And obviously, you won’t sacrifice sound and bass quality in exchange for distorted music, right?

This doesn’t mean speaker horns are a waste. No! You can still use them and it won’t disappoint you if the louder volume is all that you are looking for.

Give it a shot, test it out on your speakers, and then use it according to the output that you feel is desired.

Speaker horn on how to make a speaker louder without an amp
Speaker Horn

6. Repair Or Modify The Speakers

Sometimes, we keep stressing about the reasons behind why our speakers are not performing good, simultaneously we are not in the mood to buy expensive amplifiers and end up wondering how to make a speaker louder without an amp.

This is the last option that you can opt for if nothing mentioned above works. 

Another reason why the speaker starts to lose their shine is because of how old they are and how they are used by the user.

There are few parts inside the speaker that you can check for maintenance and replace/repair if required. Now, it is obvious that you can only use this method of modifying large speakers and not on small Bluetooth speakers.

After disassembling the speaker unit, several parts might be at fault but you have to focus on one part that affects significantly, that is Speaker Cone.

Look out for small holes or pores on the speaker cone which are usually caused by wood-eating insects. Now, get some rubber cement that you can get here and cover the hole on the cone using this cement from both the front and rear sides.

These covered holes will now distort less sound and reduce the vibrations, delivering loud and clear bass and audio just like the speaker did when it was new.

Before doing this, if you don’t know what you are getting into, seek help from professionals. Because if something goes wrong, that will make the speaker unrepairable and eventually you will have to buy a new one which is contradictory to what we are trying to do.

Final Words

If you are still reading this, kudos. We give you our best wishes for everything that you are waiting to happen.

The above article is briefly dedicated to the topic ‘How to make a speaker louder without an amp?’ Above mentioned are few tips you can try to increase the speaker’s volume.

We tried to explain every point in the easiest way possible so it won’t be overwhelming for you. This is not a recommendation but a usual suggestion that if you are free to put money in amplifiers, then go for it.

Because times have changed and in today’s date, you can easily get an amplifier for as cheap as under 70 bucks.

But do try the above tips and check which one works. We’ll leave it to you from here.

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