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Should A Subwoofer Be On The Floor?

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People don’t understand how a subwoofer works when it in your home. The science behind it tells us that we don’t hear directly what is coming out of the unit. We actually hear the effect of the environment and how it is affected by the room itself.

There are a couple of things that can influence the sound that you hear. But the main thing that strikes in our head is should a subwoofer be on the floor?

The placement of a subwoofer plays a major role in the audio quality it produces. The use of subwoofers in home audio is an issue of contention among audiophiles.

While some maintain that it’s too difficult to properly locate a subwoofer so that it blends seamlessly with the main speakers, others argue that not only is this possible, but when done properly, the results can be astounding.

Regardless of which side you’re on, I think most listeners agree that there are benefits to adding a subwoofer to a pair of satellite speakers. Perhaps the most important is that a sub allows the sats to be placed where they will image best, while the sub itself can be placed where it can most evenly distribute energy throughout the listening room.

Full-range speakers don’t offer such flexibility because their low- and high-frequency drivers can’t be physically separated.

Now let’s dive right in and find out an answer to your question ‘Should a subwoofer be on the floor?’

What Is A Subwoofer?

A subwoofer is also known as a sub is a loudspeaker designed to produce audio frequencies with low pitches which can be particularly called bass or sub-bass.

Subwoofers are made up of one or more woofers mounted in a loudspeaker enclosure and are designed with wood to withstand air pressure. They are the only thing that can make your Floorstanding speakers sound great and will increase its bass effect.

The frequency range of a typical subwoofer is 20 – 200 Hz for consumer products, below 100 Hz for professional live concerts and music festivals, below 80 Hz in THX approved systems.

They typically use speaker drivers between 20cm and 53cm in diameter. Some subwoofer uses extra-big diameter drivers for a very deep bass but it has to be fabricated.

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Subwoofer At Ear Level?

Should you place a subwoofer at the ear level? The answer is a big NO.

Your home theater consists of the front, center, and surround speakers along with a subwoofer. It can upgrade your audio quality with deep and effective bass.

The role of the surround speakers in your home theater is to control the mid and high frequencies while on the other hand low frequencies of the sound are controlled by a subwoofer.

The high and mid frequencies given by surround speakers are unidirectional i.e. they travel in a single line so placing them at an ear level would be the best option for excellent audio.

But the lower frequencies generated by a subwoofer scatter in all directions, so it is advisable that you shouldn’t place your subwoofer at an ear level.

Should A Subwoofer Be On The Floor?

As per experience, most people would have different opinions on this, but a straight simple answer from us is NO.

The prime reasons why the subwoofer shouldn’t be on the floor are:-

  1. Vibrations
  2. Undesirable bass

1. Vibrations

Your subwoofer is an important part of the home theater system. It is primarily required to add up the extra bass effect to your sound system. It is responsible for handling the low frequencies thus produces a deep bass effect.

 It consists of a driver which is an important factor in adding up the bass and thus causes enormous vibrations with its high power rate. So if you placed your subwoofer on the floor it can shake your floor, disturbing in the other rooms too.

Excellent audio and enhanced bass that’s what we prefer while watching movies and listening to our favorite songs. But it is only possible if you use subwoofers with your home sound system.

Placing a subwoofer on the floor also can irritate your neighbors with its extra heavy vibrations. So it’s our recommendation that you should not place your subwoofer on the floor to avoid extra vibrations.

2. Undesirable Bass

Another prime reason why you should not place your subwoofer on the floor is improper and undesirable bass. The main and important function of the subwoofer is to add up the extra bass effect in your home audio system but what’s the use if it’s giving improper and uneven bass!

Subwoofers are featured with powerful drivers that are responsible for producing the deep bass. If it’s placed on the floor it won’t be able to distribute the bass evenly throughout the room.

Due to the placement of the subwoofer on the floor, it will only produce the bass on the lower portion of the room leaving behind the upper portion.

So it won’t affect much in the bass if you place your woofers on the floor as it can’t produce proper bass and uneven bass distribution can even irritate you and tend to hate your home audio system.

Is The Sound Dependent On The Position Of The Subwoofer?

In circles of home cinema and therefore subwoofer owners, the opinion has become established that the bass sound is not particularly influenced by where the subwoofer is located. Left, right, back, front – does it really matter?

It can be simple, but also complicated: because the subwoofer is actually not acoustically bound to the other speakers of the 5.1 or 7.1 sound system and can actually be placed anywhere.

On the other hand, most manuals specify that the position of the subwoofer should be front central between the left or right front speaker and the center loudspeaker. We could therefore assume that there must be some advantage of this position.

So, if you have the possibility to keep the given position between center and front-right/left speakers, then do it! If you need to place it somewhere else, think about which positions you might already exclude and what position is most comfortable for your listening.

After all, it’s all up to you, comfort and best audio quality are what matters a lot. But never ever place a subwoofer on the floor, you will regret it.

Final Words

We appreciate you for sticking with us throughout the article. And we hope it provides some value to your life.

So, should a subwoofer be on the floor? The simple and straightforward answer is NO just as we mentioned earlier. Above we discussed why you shouldn’t place your subwoofer on the floor, it can ruin your bass effect.

The main reason for installing a woofer is to improve bass quality but if you placed it on the floor it won’t perform well due to vibrations and many other factors. Then comes the question of where should we place it?

You can place your subwoofer on the table, shelf, or on the isolation platforms. It will be giving the best performance and output through table or isolation platforms. But never ever place a subwoofer on the floor, you will regret it.

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