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These Are Undoubtedly The 10 Best Earbuds For Xbox One

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While over the ear cup headphones are the kings of the gaming world for the last few decades, earbuds have their own kingdoms. Compared to headphones, earbuds are sneaky, compact, handy, and are not less than any of the headphones.

Who doesn’t like gaming! Nowadays it’s a part of the lifestyle and a way to relieve all the stress from a hectic schedule. There are many ways people enjoy gaming like PC, laptop, PlayStation, Xbox, and so on. The audio quality of the gaming plays a vital role, and so today we are introducing the best earbuds for Xbox one.

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Along with gaming graphics, audio quality and bass effect also matters a lot for professional and intermediate gamers. The sound quality will bring a lively effect to your gaming experience plus it will definitely help you to achieve your missions properly and in a fast way as you can hear and respond to the instructions properly.

So here are the best earbuds for Xbox one which will fulfill all your gaming requirements, have a look and see what you like!

shure se215 cl sound isolating earphones

Shure SE215-CL

( Best Overall )

iwalk tws gaming wireless earbuds

iWalk TWS

( Best Price )

phaiser fusion wireless earbuds

Phaiser Fusion One

(Best Battery Life)

razer hammerhead best in ear gaming headphones

Razer Hammerhead



turtle beach battle buds

Turtle Beach Battle Buds

hyperx cloud earbuds

HyperX Cloud

calionltd wireless earbuds


sound panda gaming earbuds

Sound Panda 

1more triple driver best in ear gaming headphones

1More Triple Driver

Our Top 10 Picks For Best Earbuds For Xbox One

Shure SE215-CL

Shure SE215-CL Sound Isolating Earphones provide legendary sound and can take your audio experience to the next level. They are pure gaming earphones that can perfectly fit into the category of best earbuds for Xbox one.

It has the capability to enhance your gaming experience with its impressive audio and bass effect. It can easily switch between Android and iOS in one switch with seamless control of music playback, volume, phone, and voice commands. The classical audio in any game is the feature that makes it different from other earbuds.


  • Its dimensions – 3 x 7 x 2 inches.
  • SE215 weight – 0.48 ounces.
  • Speaker amplification type – Active.


  • They are featured with sound isolation technology which can block outside noise up to 37 dB.
  • It has a low profile shape with an optimized nozzle to fit comfortably in the ears.
  • A gold plated MMCX connector has a lock snap mechanism that allows 360-degree rotation for a comfortable fit.
Shure SE215-CL are best earbuds for Xbox One
  • They are available in different colors.
  • Wide frequency response.
  • It has a punchy bass.
  • Finishing is not prominent.

iWalk TWS Wireless Earbuds

Recreate an enhanced combat scene and brings rich soundtracks this is how the manufacturers describe the iWalk TWS Wireless Earbuds. These are earbuds are perfectly made for gaming purpose.

Its audio quality is so superior that it will help you to detect the position and distance of your rival, footsteps and gunshot which will always lead your team to win. They are also preferable for calling purpose as it has crystal clear audio communication and noise reduction.

These earbuds are featured with IPX5 technologies which makes it free from sweat and splashes. Waterproof Technology makes it selective for outdoors and gym as well.


  • Package dimensions – 4.6 x 4.6 x 1.7 inches.
  • Item weight – 7.8 ounces.
  • Batteries – 1 Lithium-ion battery.
  • Waterproof technology – IPX5 technology.


  • It has low audio latency which results in a better gaming experience.
  • They are featured with 7.1 surrounded stereo sound which helps to locate the footsteps of the enemy and gunshot direction.
  • These earbuds have a long battery life and lets you enjoy the continuous seven hours of music.
iWalk TWS wireless earbuds
  • It has great battery life.
  • The connectivity is good.
  • USB C cable is provided.
  • Design is a little bulky.

Phaiser Fusion One

Phaiser Fusion Wireless Earbuds sounds better than the wired earbuds. You can consider these earbuds as all in one – they are perfect for gaming, it’s audio quality and bass response will always enhance your experience and will help you to listen to every commands given during gaming.

They fit so perfectly in your ear that it won’t slip out during a workout. These buds feature the dual 8mm graphene speakers that deliver HD audio fine-tuned for a listening experience so crisp and clear you’ll swear you’re listening live.

And you’ll be able to play it loud, as your earbuds have been specially designed to pump out more bass and more volume without distortion.


  • Package dimensions – 4.7 x 3.3 x 1.3 inches.
  • It’s weight – 5.6 ounces.
  • Batteries – 2 lithium-ion batteries.
  • Waterproof technology – IPX5 technology.


  • They are featured with IPX5 sweatproof technology.
  • It has a standby time up to 220 hours, talk time up to 6 hours and music playback time up to 6 hours.
  • It has dual 8mm graphene speakers combined with blueprint 5.0 technology.
Phaiser Fusion One are best earbuds for Xbox One
  • It has good battery life.
  • Noise cancellation support.
  • Compact and sleek design.
  • Low Bluetooth connectivity range.

Razer Hammerhead True Wireless

In terms of looks, Razer Hammerhead True Wireless has taken its cue from Apple’s AirPods, whereby the gaming specialist naturally offers its true wireless headphones in the usual matte black with a green logo. The charging and carry case is also in matte black.

The workmanship of the earbuds and carry case is good, but not on the high level of the Apple AirPods Pro or the Huawei Freebuds 3. For the Razer Hammerheads, there’s actually an app available, but it’s not mandatory for connecting the headphones via Bluetooth to your smartphone, tablet or even notebook.

In the app you can adjust the EQ of the headphones via three presets – Standard, Bass Boost and Treble Boost. You can also change the language, run a tutorial for the five gestures, activate a compatibility mode and, most importantly, update the firmware. Gamers want it loud. You literally have to feel the game’s sound all over your body.


  • Product dimensions – 3.11 x 1.4 x 1.02 inches.
  • Hammerhead weight – 10.4 ounces.
  • Batteries – 3 lithium polymer batteries.


  • These earbuds are compatible with Android as well as iOS.
  • They are water-resistant having IPX4 design.
  • The pickup pattern of these earbuds is omnidirectional.
Razer Hammerhead true wireless earbuds
  • It has a great visual design.
  • Sound quality is extremely good.
  • Balanced audio with strong bass.
  • Battery and Bluetooth could be better.


The Sony MDRXB50AP can take your gaming experience to the next level with its good audio and powerful bass. This earphone has specially designed drivers with high energy neodymium magnets which delivers deep bass.

Long-lasting comfort is achieved by using hybrid silicone which also reduces the surrounding noise. These earphones provide extra small, small, medium and large earbuds that can perfectly fit inside your ear.


  • Product dimensions – 2.63 x 1.5 x 6.75 inches.
  • Item weight – 0.282 ounces.
  • Frequency response – 4Hz to 24kHz.


  • The capacity of this earphone is 100mW.
  • It has high energy neodymium magnets for powerful audio and deep bass effect.
  • The earphone has a 1.2m flat cord which is tangle-free.
Sony MDRXB50AP wired earphones
  • It has a rumbling bass.
  • Sound quality is incredible.
  • Super comfortable.
  • Extra bass effect sometimes irritates.

Turtle Beach Battle Buds

From road trips with Nintendo Switch to Battle Royals on Xbox One or PS4 at home to mobile gaming on your daily commute, Battle Buds are the perfect mix of in-ear comfort and great sound.

Turtle Beach Battle Buds has all the quality that should be in the best earbuds for Xbox one. A built-in inline mic makes it’s special and different from other earbuds. A removable, high sensitivity, unidirectional boom mic picks up your voice loud and clear when your squad needs you most.

They are lightweight and comfortable as it comes with three sizes of interchangeable ear-tips and stabilizers for the perfect fit.


  • Product dimensions – 4.72 x 2.36 x 4.72 inches.
  • Battle buds weight – 3.84 ounces.
  • Universal compatibility – Xbox One, PS4 Pro, PS4, PC, smartphones.


  • It has a removable high sensitivity mic which picks up your voice loud and clear.
  • It is featured with high-quality 10mm speakers that deliver crisp and thundering audio.
  • These earbuds are universally compatible.
Turtle Beach Battle Buds wired earbuds for Xbox One
  • Lightweight with tons of customization.
  • It has a detachable mic.
  • They are very affordable.
  • Poor volume unit.

HyperX Cloud Earbuds

HyperX Cloud Earbuds will take your gaming experience to the next level with its incredible audio quality. With a 90-degree angled plug, the rubberized, tangle-free cable makes a less obtrusive connection optimized for handheld mode, and the included carrying case is perfect for portability and secure storage.

It let you easily communicate with your squad in Fortnite and other Switch games that use in-game chat and get an edge in your execution and enjoyment. These earbuds come with three sizes of silicone ear tips to perfectly fit inside your ear and provide comforts for your long gaming sessions.

The slim, convenient in-line mic has a multi-function button that easily allows you to answer calls and controls your streaming media.


  • Product dimensions – 48.82 x 1.16 x 0.96 inches.
  • HyperX weight – 0.688 ounces.
  • Hardware platform – gaming console, Nintendo switch.


  • These earbuds are optimized for handheld mode and have signature HyperX comfort.
  • It has immersive in-game audio and an in-line mic for game chat.
HyperX Cloud Earbuds
  • It has a great microphone for in-game talks.
  • Professional design.
  • Impressive audio quality.
  • It has no dedicated volume control.

CALITONLTD Wireless Earbuds

CALITONLTD Wireless Earbuds has a wide application. They can be very suitable for sports, driving, working, gaming or even sharing with your lovers, friends and family. These are the best earbuds for Xbox one which can be easily affordable by everyone.

It has portable 3500mAh charging case which is very light in weight and easy to check the battery with an LCD display. The high-performance Bluetooth 5.0 technology provides ultra-stable connection and transmission, faster pairing and universal compatibility.

These earbuds can get pair with both iOS and Android devices to provide better sounding audio at similar bit rates. They are featured with IPX8 technology which is 100% waterproof with water, sweat and rain resistant.

These are earbuds are perfect for gym, running or yoga. It let you enjoy the perfect audio and stable transmission as wired earphones.


  • Product dimensions – 3.15×1.97×0.79 inches.
  • Item weight – 0.16 ounces.
  • Batteries – 1 lithium polymer battery.
  • Waterproof technology – IPX8 technology.
  • Charging case capacity – 3500mAh.


  • It is featured with CVC8.0 noise isolation and noise-canceling technology.
  • These earbuds have IPX8 waterproof technology that can resist sweat, water or rain.
  • It has a perfect ergonomic design that can comfortably fit inside your ear without any pain.
CALITONLTD Wireless Earbuds
  • They are 100% waterproof.
  • The audio quality is impressive.
  • It has punchy and deep bass.
  • Design is not that attractive.

Sound Panda Gaming Earbuds

Sound Panda Gaming Earbuds can perfectly fit into the category of the best earbuds for Xbox one. These gaming earbuds are equipped with Parallel dual 6 mm drivers designed for Hi-fi sound with high sensitivity and wide frequency range for you to have a full-on intense and strong bass experience.

It provides crisp and strong bass stereo sound to assist you with detecting footsteps or gunshots in the battlefield for your realistic gameplay or compliment any genre of music and movie of your taste. The ergonomic angle designed for the earbud unit is at 45 degrees, so it prevents slipping out of your ears easily and provides long-lasting comfort while isolating surrounding ambient noise.

It let you enjoy an in-line mic with remote control and a 4.3 inch detachable and easily bendable, high-sensitivity boom mic that will provide loud and crystal clear communication with your teammates in battles and phone calls anywhere on the go.


  • Product dimensions – 8 x 4 x 2 inches.
  • Earbuds weight – 2.56 ounces.
  • Detachable boom mic.
  • Leather pouch and 6 silicone ear tips.


  • They can be compatible with almost all the devices through a 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • The one in-line mic with button controls and one 11cm detachable mic together will pick up your voice clearly and meets your needs of instant and efficient play and communication.
Sound Panda wired earbuds
  • Passive noise cancellation.
  • Universally compatible across all consoles.
  • Great audio quality.
  • Uncomfortable for long time use.

1More Triple Driver

1More Triple Driver has all the features that should have in the best in-ear headphones for gaming. The headphones have oblique angles to naturally align to the curve of your ears. It offers a tight seal and a full range of sound.

Plus, the box comes with 9 different sets of ear tips, thus a user can choose the perfect one that ensures a comfortable and secure fit. Having the lightweight aluminum alloy earpieces, it has an ergonomic design with oblique angles that match your ear canals so you can enjoy your music in total comfort.

Not only comfort, but the lightweight aluminum alloy body with a sandblasted textured surface also provides an aesthetic appeal.


  • Product dimensions – 1 x 1 x 1 inches.
  • 1More weight – 0.8 ounces.
  • Frequency range – 20Hz to 40kHz.


  • The largest 14.5mm silicone tips come with the triple and quad driver which works great.
  • It has a 5mW power handling capacity.
1More Triple Driver wired earphones for Xbox One
  • Audio quality is exceptional.
  • Great accessories package.
  • Superb comfort and are affordable.
  • Cable has microphonics issues sometimes.

Final Words

Now you have the idea about all the best earbuds for Xbox one. Professional and intermediate gamers can’t take gaming audio lightly as they know the importance of clear sound while completing the missions. So, feel free to go and pick the buds of your choice.

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