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Top 10 Car Audio Brands. Ultimate Guide (2022)

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Ever thought of a car drive without a sound system playing along? That is just so inexpressive, right? Honestly, a car plus a long journey plus music with people I love is my jam. It’s hard not to think about the tunes of your favorite songs while rushing the highways.

A car without a music system is like Paris without Eiffel Tower. Your search for the best car audio system ends here because we will present the list of the top 10 car audio brands that you should buy in 2022.

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Stay tuned because after reading this blog till the end, you will know which car speakers you need to get for your vehicle. Along with that, we will also help you with a quick guide on choosing the best speakers.

rockford fosgate p1683

Rockford Fosgate

( Best Fit )

polk audio db6501

Polk Audio

( Best Bass )

infinity ref 9623ix top 10 car audio brands

Infinity Reference

( Best Overall )

jbl gt0629


rockville rockghost


kicker dsc650 top 10 car audio brands


kenwood KFC 1653MRW car speakers


alpine sps 610C top 10 car audio brands


pioneer ts a1680F


jl audio c2 650x top 10 car audio brands

JL Audio

Look For This In Your Car Audio Brand

Type Of Car Speakers You Need

While buying car speakers, you need to be sure what kind of speakers you are approaching. There are mainly two types –
Component speakers and Coaxial (Full Range) speakers.

Component Speakers

If you are looking for the most favorable sound quality, component speakers might be your choice. They are a bit more expensive than full-range speakers because they are pair of tweeters and bass drivers complemented with crossover to control the frequency range of each speaker, which produces accurate sound.

Coaxial Or Full-Range Speakers

Coaxial speakers are loudspeakers in which the tweeter and the mid-bass drivers are placed in one unit known as a woofer. So, if you are running out of space in your car and ready to accept a minor sound quality loss, go for these.

Specifications To Look For While Buying Car Speakers

Purchasing car speakers just isn’t about a fancy look, considering some specifications play a vital role as well.

There are two important specifications that you should be concerned about before planning to own speakers for your vehicle for that thousand miles road trip.


Sensitivity is simply defined as the amount of power required by speakers to produce a specific volume level provided at input. Speakers with high sensitivity work perfectly for low-powered stereo.

Similarly, if you have a high-powered stereo system with an external amplifier, opt for low sensitivity speakers. It’s best that you match up sensitivity and power this way to achieve magnificent sound quality.

Power-Handling Capacity

Power plays the most important role in the whole speaker and stereo complementing thing. Power-handling capacity in the audio system refers to the power that your speaker can handle.

In simple words, if you have moderate or low-powered stereo, then speakers won’t have to handle a lot of power. On the other hand, if you have a stereo with an externally attached amplifier, the speaker’s power-handling capacity must be good enough to carry the load. In real-time, the RMS (Root Mean Square) rating technique is used to measure the power that a speaker can handle.

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For instance, a system rated at “5-50 watts RMS” will make a perfect suit for a low-powered speaker instead of a system rated at “80 watts RMS”.

Other Important Factors To Consider

Size Of Speakers

If you are about to buy new car speakers, then you have to consider the required size of new speakers and the size of existing speakers (if any) as well. Removing out and measuring the current speakers is a great way to figure out the size of your new speakers.

Space And Location

Make sure to take note of the space that your new speakers will occupy. It’s always recommended to check your car space if you opt for an external amplifier.

Also, place speakers in a position where space is less occupied and simultaneously will help you feel the music volume very accurately.

Material Quality Of Speaker

No one likes to replace their car speakers every three months, right? That’s why it’s necessary to check out the tweeter material which should be silk or ceramic. Also, the preferred woofer materials are synthetic fabrics with a metal coat that offers durability as well as great bass.

Cost And Purpose Of Speakers

When it comes to cost, be it any product, we are always very skeptical. I’m not saying go for high-range speakers but instead choose the one that best fits your purpose. Some might be crazy for Martin Garrix drop songs while some might crave for slow rhythms. So, it all depends on what kind of experience you want to pursue.

List Of Best Car Audio Brands

Finally, we are now heading towards the most awaited part of our reading. Here’s the list of the top 10 car audio brands in 2022.

1. Rockford Fosgate

Started by Gerald Hightower in 1988, Rockford is a brand that has focused on car audio as its primary specialty. This brand was built considering the problems that were acting as obstructions between music and people back then. They mentioned that the “Human ear didn’t have the same sonic “curve” or signature, which made lower frequencies sound different at low volumes than the actual music.”

Punch EQ was the solution invented for this. It is a frequency energizer and boosts the bass to 18 dB sensitivity at 45 Hz. There were significant changes in treble boost filter active, resulting in better and accurate sound production for human ears. Some of the best features of products from this brand are –

  • Easy to install and specially designed for someone who is looking for high-quality factory replacement.
  • With power-handling of 65 watts RMS/ 130 watts peak, sound experience touches another level.
  • The material quality used for surround rubber and tweeter is top-notch. Hence, more durable.
  • 88 dB sensitivity fits perfectly for your stereo.
Rockford Fosgate car speakers

Read Full Specifications Of Rockford Fosgate P1683 On Amazon To See How It Fits Your Car

2. Polk Audio

When it comes to music systems, Polk Audio has to rank on the list. Being consistent in this business, these are among a few brands that never lost the quality that they offer right from the beginning.

They manufacture a variety of products like home speakers, bookshelf speakers, etc. but they are quite ahead in-car music systems as well. In this list, Polk Audio managed to achieve the second position because of the following features –

  • Power-handling capacity 100 watts RMS / 300 watts peak.
  • It comes with a sensitivity of 92 dB which is perfect for low-powered stereo systems.
  • Some of their speakers are marine certified, so they are even used in boats.
  • The material quality of tweeters and woofers is up to the mark.
Polk audio is top car audio brand

Read Full Specifications Of Polk Audio DB6501 On Amazon To See How It Fits Your Car

3. Infinity Reference

Infinity by Harman is worth it. These brands earned third place on the list for a reason. Infinity manufactured a limited number of car speakers, but they are all so good that it gets difficult to choose just one.

Below we mentioned one of the products from Infinity that we solely recommend. Do check out if you are interested in buying a new pair of speakers for your ride. Key features are –

  • 94 dB sensitivity is a perfect match up for your system.
  • Power-handling capacity of 55 watts RMS and 165 watts peak reproduce a bright and quality sound tunes.
  • If you are a bass lover, go for it.
  • Effortless installation.
Infinity Reference by Harman car audio system

Read Full Specifications Of Infinity REF-9623ix On Amazon To See How It Fits Your Car

4. JBL

Well, how can we possibly leave behind the most beloved brand? JBL offers what it promises. With trust comes quality, I agree. When it comes to the sound category, JBL rules. From headphones to car speakers, it never disappoints.

JBL being one of the oldest in the market, yet providing the same comfort and quality over the years, is not everyone’s cup of tea. One of the car audio products from JBL is mentioned below. In the list of top 10 car audio brands, JBL deserves a place because of the following features –

  • Excellent bass because one cone comes with a larger diameter than the other, hence more air moving.
  • Volume adjustment is simple because a dual-level tweeter is provided.
  • RMS depends on the size of the speaker you need but starts with 25 watts RMS / 180 watts maximum power handling.
  • Frequency is 52 Hz, which offers clear sound.
Jbl as one of top 10 car audio brands in 2020

Read Full Specifications Of JBL GTO939 On Amazon To See How It Fits Your Car

5. Rockville

This brand was developed in the USA and it’s not too old. Less time in the market and it still managed to bag a position in this list of top 10 car audio brands. More than speakers, Rockville is more known for its subwoofers. One of their best subwoofers is mentioned below.

Rumbling bass with pure sound quality is what you can expect from this product. It can easily fit in any stereo system. Its main features include –

  • 200 watts RMS / 800 watts peak will take your bass experience to a whole new level.
  • Being a subwoofer, it doesn’t occupy much space.
  • It can be mounted on the trunk as well as under the seat. You choose your desired location.
  • Good quality rubber surround.
  • The frequency response is from 20 Hz to 250 Hz.
  • It comes with a wired dash remote while helps in controlling the music.
Rockville brand car speakers

Read Full Specifications Of Rockville Rockghost On Amazon To See How It Fits Your Car

6. Kicker

With limited resources and exceptional love for music, this company was a two-person operation that started in 1973. Back then, they were mainly known for full-range speakers specifically designed for cars and trucks, but now they produce a variety and products and maintained their legacy for quite a good time.
One of the best products from the DS series is mentioned below. It is packed with characteristics like –

  • It’s a 2-way speaker with a frequency response of 40 Hz – 20 kHz.
  • It comes with 90 dB sensitivity and matches ideally for a low-powered stereo system.
  • Power-handling capacity is 60 watts RMS / 240 watts peak.
  • The material quality of the tweeter and woofer is good as well.
Kicker car audio brand speakers

Read Full Specifications Of Kicker DSC650 On Amazon To See How It Fits Your Car

7. Kenwood

Arguably, Kenwood is one of the best brands out there when it comes to the car audio system. It has been serving its products from past years and not just car audio but Kenwood is also known for other home appliances.

Not expensive yet quality and accuracy are all that they provide. Check out one of their best products mentioned below. It has attributes like –

  • 2-way component speakers with a frequency response of 63 Hz to 24 kHz which means rumbling and tight bass.
  • These are 80 watts RMS / 280 watts peak and considered as best in budget component speakers.
  • Sensitivity is 86 dB.
  • Installation is easy and compact due to the in-line crossover arrangement.
kenwood kfc-1653MRW car speakers

Read Full Specifications Of Kenwood KFC-1653MRW On Amazon To See How It Fits Your Car

8. Alpine

Alpine manufacture dozens of car audio products from component and full-range speakers to din head units. Their 2-way component speakers are considered to be the best in the market.

Have a look at their SPS-610C speakers noted below. If you are a bass lover, these speakers won’t let you down. Its features are –

  • 80 watts RMS / 240 watts peak produce an accurate and clear sound.
  • You don’t need an external amplifier but a right aftermarket head unit might be a perfect match.
  • Durability is excellent since material quality is satisfactory.
  • Delivers amazing bass, so it’s worth every penny.
Alpine S-S65 is one of top 10 car audio brands

Read Full Specifications Of Alpine S-S65 On Amazon To See How It Fits Your Car

9. Pioneer

Yet another known brand in our list of top 10 car audio brands in Pioneer. Pioneer is one of the oldest yet consistent sound system manufacturing brands. Everyone is familiar with Pioneer since the name expresses it all.

It is trusted because it offers just so much considering the price point. For instance, one of its full-range speakers shown below are the best budget car speakers out there in the market. It comes with the following features –

  • Power-handling capacity is 80 watts RMS / 350 watts peak which provides excellent bass and sound quality.
  • 4-way speakers with good woofer quality.
  • It has a sensitivity of 88 dB which offers loud volume.
  • If you are on a low-budget, these might be your best pick.
Pioneer car audio system

Read Full Specifications Of Pioneer TS-A1680F On Amazon To See How It Fits Your Car

10. JL Audio

Last but not least, who made it to the list of top 10 car audio brands is JL Audio. It was founded in 1975 with home speakers as their first product. Years passed by, and now they even manage to manufacture several products in the sound category itself.

They are a bit expensive but worth every penny. Their best coaxial car speakers are mentioned below and come with amazing characteristics like –

  • The power-handling capacity of 60 watts RMS / 225 watts peak are best for high volume purpose.
  • Sensitivity is 91 dB which is perfect for a low-powered stereo system.
  • The frequency response of 59 Hz to 22 kHz delivers excellent sound.
  • Super-easy installation.
JL Audio car subwoofer

Read Full Specifications Of JL Audio C2-570x On Amazon To See How It Fits Your Car

Final Words

In the above list, we showed you the list of top brands to help you choose the best fit for your car. Although all the car speakers come with more or less the same specifications but still that quick guide article above will clear your doubts.

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