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What Does An Amplifier Do In A Car? Best Way Explained.

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No matter how old or new our car gets, we always take good care of it, follow every single warning, and fix the respective parts. When it comes to an audio system, we analyze every aspect like the type of din unit which can fit, speakers, bass effect, amplifier, and so on.

But we often wonder, we have speakers, so do we need an Amplifier? Now, some don’t exactly know what an amplifier is, what it does, and how it works. So, what does an amplifier do in a car?

Well, for basics, an amplifier is nothing but an electronic circuit that increases the voltage or current signal which for musical instruments turns out as a great advantage since it improves the overall sound experience.

Besides amplifier, other factors play a huge role when it comes to buying car speakers like place and size available in your car, where the din head units are placed, position and number of speakers compatible and also the maximum power output capacity of the electronic devices that works under the audio section.

We’ll go step by step and the conclusion will be all the things that you need to know about amplifiers.

What Is An Amplifier?

An amplifier simply means an electronic device that is capable of gaining power (voltage or current) greater than one.

It is a circuit that uses electric power from a power source and amplifies the signal provided to its input terminals, which in turn produces greater amplitude of the same signal and this amplified signal is the output (it might be voltage or current or other electric input) of an amplifier.

What makes an amplifier independent is that it can be used with other electronic equipment separately as well as it can be in-built.

Amplifiers are used almost in every application that demands input signal boost. But you will most often hear the term ‘Amplifier’ being used while talking or reading about musical electronic equipment.

Likewise, amplifiers are used for speakers. Be it a home audio system, a large space sound system, concert loudspeakers, or car speakers, if you really want to enhance your music experience, amplifiers are the thing you go after.

No matter which thing you purchase, there’s always criteria and types of that product that vary is specifications. E.g. Amplifiers are also classified in two ways. One is by the frequency of the electronic signal amplified by the device and the other is by its physical placement.

Many times we come across a technical specification in the car or home speakers which says frequency response range between 20 Hz to 35 kHz or something like that. This is frequency amplifiers.

Physical placement of amplifiers means whether the amplifier is supposed to be placed before or after other circuits like a preamp or some other electronic device that plays role in signal processing.

Pioneer car amplifier shown in content of what does an amplifier do in a car
Pioneer GM-A6704 4-Channel Amplifier

What Does An Amplifier Do In A Car?

First things first, not all amplifiers are of the same quality and offer the same output. Car head units manufactured by casual brands come with a small in-built amplifier whereas sound systems manufactured by renowned brands offer large amplifiers as a separate unit, and yes sound quality from these amps is premium.

Let’s now understand the role of the amplifier.

Before reaching to an external amplifier, there are stages that an electronic signal goes through. When the music is turned ON via CD player or radio or a pen drive, the sound signal is first processed in am Preamplifier, also known as Preamp.

The electrical signal provided as input is weak at first and then the preamplifier converts this signal in boosted form, high enough to be heard and can be further processed by the amplifier.

Main actions like tuning the bass, high and low notes a.k.a Treble, and equalization of the input music are performed by the preamp and then passed to the amplifier for additional amplification.

The audio signal doesn’t reach the amplifier all at once. Instead, the signal goes to the amplifier in bits of frequency responses, only those bits that need amplification. This is done by, you might have heard the term, Crossover.

We won’t go deep in this whole process as it will be overwhelming and off-track from our main topic ‘What does an amplifier do in a car?’ So, what an amplifier do is, it receives half processed signals from the preamp as an electronic signal and then the amplitude of this signal is enlarged, the output volume level is more, hence we hear loud and clear music.

Since the amplified signal is then passed through the woofer and the tweeters, we can say that the output from the amplifier is loud, harmless to ears, and satisfactory sound quality.

How To Pick Right Amplifier?

Let’s assume that you made up your mind and are about to purchase an amplifier for your car speakers. Well, there are few things to consider while buying and are mentioned below.

  1. The first and most important thing is compatibility. Check the power wattage ratings i.e. get an amplifier that has power output capacity twice as much as the rated power of speakers.
  2. For instance, if your speakers are claimed to have 250 watts of power output with an impedance of 8 ohms, then go for an amplifier that can deliver 500 watts into a given impedance load. For a pair of speakers, the amplifier you will buy should be rated 500 watts per channel into 8 ohms load.
  3. The third thing is room or space available to install an external amplifier. The more the space, the better will be the output from the amplifier. A closed or congested place makes the sound distorted and you wouldn’t experience what you really expect.

Do You Need An Amplifier?

Well, there’s no specific answer to this question. This is a choice, not a necessity. So, it varies from person to person.

If you are the person that lies under the category of slow and smooth songs, you might not require an amplifier.

And if you are the person who just goes crazy over hard rock and DJ songs, the amplifier will be your speaker’s best companion.

Again it narrows down to personal opinion and likes. But if you’d ask us, we would surely recommend you buy an amplifier because yes it does improve the audio and bass experience to a whole new level.

And besides, amplifiers are not that expensive either. You can get not premium but average quality amplifiers for as cheap as under $100. Now, you decide and pick your right fit, we’ll leave it to you.

Final Words

If you are still reading our article, kudos. Our good wishes belong to you for your support.

So, the question was ‘What does an amplifier do in a car?’ We tried our best to explain as clearly as possible and hope that you gained at least basic knowledge about the whole topic.

The decision is yours, if you are planning to buy an amplifier, just keep in mind the factors mentioned above and you are good to go. If there’s still any doubt, why don’t you leave a comment, huh?

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