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Wired Vs Wireless Speakers. Which One Is Best For You In 2021?

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Wired vs Wireless Speakers, which one would you choose? Well, if you want your music, games, and movies to shake your room with a sound and bass, then there’s no other way about it, you need the best speakers that you can afford. It’s time for you to upgrade your old audio system and get yourself the best speakers without breaking the bank.

Improved sound quality, soundstage, and possibly surround sound can bring your audio experience alive. Whenever buying a speaker system hits our mind, the thing that strikes the brain is the bass, brand name, and sound quality. But we all are confused, aren’t we?

Are you disappoint with your old audio system? Looking to upgrade it by adding some kind of quality speakers? After selecting a brand of your choice according to a budget, the question arises what to buy between wired vs wireless speaker?

No need to worry, we are here to help you out! Wired speakers and wireless speakers both have their advantages and also some cons. But no need to stress your brain, the below article is all about which one works best for you.

Wired Vs Wireless Speakers. A Fair Comparison.

Wired Speakers

Wired speakers let you connect your speaker through any device with the help of wires provided. They offer you full control over audio quality and bass systems. Such kind of speaker is a traditional one which offers finer aspects of sound and let you enjoy unlimited music.

Wired speakers are very much easy to use, there are no obstructions that will affect your audio quality. All you need to do is connect them to an amplifier with a length of speaker wire, which a moderately intelligent chimp could probably figure out how to do.

They also let you adjust your speakers at a specific distance according to your need with its lengthy wires.

The basic working principle of the wired speaker is the transfer of energy from one form to another. This can be done by transforming electrical waves from your player device into the sound pressure waves in the air which can be detected by your ears and thus you can hear the audio delivered by the speaker.

Wired speakers require much more energy to push and pull the air to produce effective audio. So here amplifier comes into the picture, it amplifies the low power electrical music signal into the higher signal which produces a higher audio effect and impressive bass effect from the speakers.

The drivers present in a speaker plays a major role in producing higher quality audio. The larger the driver is the better your speaker will sound. Sometimes the thought strikes to our mind, why does the small speaker sound dull than larger ones!

The reason is the same the tiny drivers inside them are unable to connect larger wavelengths and thus it sounds a bit dull than larger ones. Quite interesting, right!

Pros Of Wired Speakers

Between wired vs wireless speakers, wired Speakers are the most traditional speakers which sound great than any other technological speaker. They transmit their audio through the wire provided which makes the audio accurate and most perfect audio quality is obtained.

Easy To Use And Setup

The setting up of wired speakers appears as simple as it is. The connection of wires is not a big deal, it only requires speaker wires to get connected and boom they gonna sound a great to you, booming and bashing your house with its classic audio effect and bass response.

Wired speakers don’t have to deal with internet networks or Bluetooth connectivity to work, just attach your player to the speaker through the wire and it will play accordingly.

Auditory Control

The wired speaker provides you complete control over an audio response. It sounds great as they are connected to a player through wires so there are no barriers that can affect its sound quality.

Amplifiers, subwoofers, and other auditory parts are connected through a single wire so it can be easily controlled. So it is said that wired speakers can be easily controlled.

Sound Quality

The audio quality of the wired speaker is great. As there are no barriers like internet network issues or Bluetooth connectivity issues, the sound delivered is of great quality and the bass effect is impressive.

The connection between the player and speaker is through wires there is no data loss and the highest audio quality is possible.

Cons Of Wired Speakers

There are many pros of wired speakers like audio quality is great, you have complete control over an audio response. But there are certain cons of wired speakers.


The significant disadvantage of the wired speakers are wires. It’s not a big surprise right! Many of us hate the tangling of wires, it can ruin our mood and sometimes also our setup.

 It can directly affect the audio quality of the speaker as it can damage any of the wire.

Expensive External Parts

It can also be considered as a big con since it can increase the overall price of the wired speaker. If you want to replace anything or upgrade your setup, you will have to add some extra bucks for it.

Between the separate amp, DAC, subwoofer, LFE, and any extra speakers you want for your system, the price can quickly add up.

Logitech Z333 wired vs wireless speakers
Logitech Wired Speakers

Wireless Speakers

Wireless speakers are the speakers that receive audio signals using radio-frequency waves rather than over audio cables or physical wires. Wireless speakers are composed of two units: the main speaker unit combining the loudspeaker itself with an RF receiver, and an RF transmitter unit.

The transmitter connects to the audio output of any audio devices such as hi-fi equipment, televisions, computers, MP3 players, etc. An RCA plug is normally used to achieve this.

The receiver is positioned where the listener wants the sound to be, providing the freedom to move the wireless speakers around without the need of using cables. The receiver/speaker unit generally contains an amplifier to boost the audio signal to the loudspeaker; it is powered either by batteries or by an AC electric outlet.

Wireless speakers use rechargeable batteries to power them. The operating time of the speaker before it has to be recharged is usually 6 hours. Models with more powerful batteries can last up to 10 hours or more.

Almost all wireless speakers operate on rechargeable batteries that are not replaceable so that the lifespan of these speakers is that of their batteries. In order to be recharged, wireless speakers must be connected to an electrical source by means of a Micro USB cable. The complete charging cycle generally varies from 3 to 6 hours.

Pros Of Wireless Speakers

Wireless speakers are also called as Bluetooth speakers. As the name suggests ‘wireless’ these are speakers are fully wire-free which gets connects through your player device via Bluetooth.


Wireless speakers are highly portable, as there are no wires they can easily carry anywhere. These speakers do not need to be connected to the WiFi or any other external devices or wires, they can be carried to any of your picnic spots.

No Wires

This is the biggest advantage of having wireless speaker than wired ones. It sucks sometimes having tons of wire to get connected and play music, but in the case of wireless speakers, there is not much involvement of wires.

The only single wire you have had to face that too while charging your speaker, or else they are totally wire-free speakers.


Wireless speakers are the most versatile means to say they can get pair with multiple devices. You can connect your multiple Bluetooth speakers through your single-player like your Android phone with an app.

This has many advantages like you can place each of your Bluetooth speakers in every room so that there will be a single song playing throughout your house.

Cons Of Wireless Speakers

As we all know that wireless speakers are the most compact speakers and can be carried anywhere. They can be your true companion for any of your hiking or trekking trips. But they also have some downsides.

Limited Wireless Range

This is the most common disadvantage faced by everyone who owns a wireless speaker. Almost every Bluetooth speaker has a maximum range up to 30 feet away from the audio source.

After that, there are certain cracking of sound due to the loss of signals which is quite annoying.

No Control

Yes, we agree that most of the wireless speakers can be controlled from the app on your smartphone. But you cannot control the amplification and conversion of the audio which plays a major role both in hip-hop songs and slow rhythm songs.

This feature is covered by the wired speakers, in that you have full control over amplification or conversion.

JBL Boombox wireless speakers
JBL Wireless Speakers

Our Verdict

To sum up, the topic that works best for you between wired vs wireless speakers, our view for this is it all depends upon your budget, your requirements, and the sound quality you wish to have. If you want a deep bass and perfect audio quality without any data leakage we would recommend you go for a wired speaker.

And if you hate tangling of wires or availability of wires, if you wish to enjoy your beach or mountain trip with your favorite music track then you should go with the wireless speakers.

They can be your perfect companion for such kind of adventurous trips. In the above content, we explained about the wired and wireless speakers, also what are their pros, so now we hope it won’t be much difficult for you to opt for one for you.

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